Where To Buy Cheap Perfume

As you know, I bloody love a good bargain! And absolutely hate paying over the odds for anything – food, drink, beauty, clothing – whatever it is, if I can get it cheaper somehow I will most DEFINITELY find a way. Today we have perfumes on the agenda though, something I don’t tend to feature too much as I often find blogging about perfumes it’s just a bit WEIRD. I mean, you can hardly smell it through the screen can you? So instead of going down a whimsical review route, I’m just going to tell you how and where to buy perfumes for a cheaper price. Obviously your first option is to go for non-designer sniffs, or dupes from high street stores. For example, Marks and Spencers have a MASSIVE selection of perfumes which can be suspiciously similar to many you’d see in Boots for a much higher price. My personal favourite from M&S fragrances is the Butterfly Perfume from their Limited Collection range. You can kind of tell from their bottles what perfume they are similar in scent to, so go in to your local one and have a little sniffy sniff, you’ll be dead surprised! 
Where to buy cheap perfumes and fragrances on Hello Terri Lowe, UK beauty blog.
Another place you can get perfumes for a bargain price is eBay, but I would stress that you need to be pretty careful when looking on eBay for perfumes. You need to make sure the seller is selling genuine perfumes and not fakes. I generally go for the 100ml ‘tester’ bottles when I can find them cheaper enough, as someone I know that used to work at a big department store told me that they were often allowed to take these home when they had more than they needed in stock! If you just type in ‘100ml tester perfume’ on eBay a few come up, but please use your discretion and common sense! I’ve bought numerous Paul Smith perfumes off there though with absolutely no problems. Another place I’ve recently discovered some super cheap smells is B&M! I’ve not been in B&M for a while as the last time I bought something from there it was out of date and made me feel a bit queezy, But alas, there’s one right round the corner on my lunchbreaks so to kill time I’ve been popping in for a browse. Their latest batch of perfume’s has been a good ‘un and I’ve managed to get the cute little Katy Perry Meow! Perfume (15ml) for £5, which is currently around £10 everywhere I’ve looked online and the Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume (30ml) for £14.99! I was debating the Vera Wang perfume for a week or two, as I did think the box was a bit of an anti climax when you opened up to find the tiny bottle. But alas, I finally caved and it’s such a lovely scent! I did keep googling to see how much the Vera Wang Love struck perfume was and couldn’t find it for less than £25ish online, so finally bought it. The scent lasts for so long and is such a lovely floral smell and totally my cup of tea. The Katy Perry perfume reminds me of a nicer version of the horrid Britney Spears perfumes, but for a fiver and in such a cute bottle I can live with it for a bit. Meow. You can browse all the perfumes B&M currently have in store here.
Where to buy cheap perfumes and fragrances on Hello Terri Lowe, UK beauty blog.

Have you got any tips or tricks for buying cheap perfumes?