WTF Topshop: Dream Outfit Edition!

Yeaaaaaah, dream outfit – for Stevie Wonder maybe. I’ve not done a WTF Topshop post for a while, but today I felt INSPIRED to, by browsing the Topshop sale. Don’t go getting too excited though, not all of these fabuous DREAM GARMENTS are actually in the sale. For example will find yourself paying full price for those beautiful ‘floral’ tights, which will make you look like a skin disease from 5 metres away. BUT DON’T WORRY, those delicious red PVC shorts with whimsical blue trim are a snip at only £60! ….Oh wait, they are now SOLD OUT… Seriously, what are you people going to wear those with? Well apart from the obvious choices below?

WTF Topshop

The Ragged Priest bomber jacket
$115 –

Topshop shorts
$99 –

Topshop clothing

Topshop tight