Favourites Under a Fiver – Mixed Bag

It’s Favourites Under a Fiver time again! And this week we have a little mixture of budget beauty products to tell y’all about. Once again I have had a super busy week and have so many things to blog about and even gathered crap I don’t use/need any more so will be popping up a quick blog sale as some point next week too (I hope). I’m also currently suffering from a hangover by the way, in case non of this makes any sense.

Favourites Under a Fiver

Mixed Budget Beauty Favourites!

Budget Beauty Buys under £5 Featuring MUA, Make Up Revolution London and Cien at Lidl
1. MUA Matte Lipstick in Lilac Belle (Superdrug, £1.00!): MUA is always a brand I tend to avoid buying. I don’t really know why though, as most products I’ve tried I really quite like?! And the brand does tick so many boxes in the sense of what I like. It’s cheap, it’s got great ranges and always brings out something new and exciting on a regular basis, but something within me always talks myself out of buying anything?! The MUA Matte Lipsticks have never appealed to me, even though the colour range looks really good! But I always had the opinion they’d dry my lips out something rotten…. But alas, this lipstick is amazing. Especially for the price! It’s a creamy matte formula and seems to moisturise my lips somehow too!? The colour actually lasts for a good few hours and doesn’t transfer over to glasses and other drinking vessels, which I find to be a bit of a rarity. The colour is very subtle and isn’t an ‘obvious’ colour, but a very good compromise for a change on the classic nude day time lip.
2. Cien Nail Varnish Remover (Lidl, £1.19): I picked this up as I had run out of nail varnish remover and just so happened to be in Lidl eyeing up their awesome Easter goods. I almost didn’t buy it as I thought the price was pretty expensive for Lidl when you can get regular polish remover for like, a quid, elsewhere. But alas, it was a wise investment, as it’s very, very good. It seems to do a slightly better job than the less than a pound ones I usually buy AND it has a subtle almond scent. Not only that, but I didn’t realise it had this fancy pants thing on the top either! You just press the cotton wool down on the vertical pump to get the nail varnish remover on to it. It’s so simple yet you find yourself wondering how you ever lived without such an important concept in your life.
Budget Beauty Buys under £5 Featuring MUA, Make Up Revolution London and Cien at Lidl

3. MUA Nail Varnish in Leap Frog (Superdrug, £1.00): Yet another MUA product I’ve always avoided. Despite their wide range of colours I just never really bothered with the MUA nail varnishes?! I think it’s because I know I could get a more expensive branded polish in Poundland for the same price or something. But alas, the MUA polish in Leap Frog has been on my nails for a few days now and it’s very good indeed. As you expect it is a little sheer so you need a good three coats for a fully opaque finish and I found after around 2 days the ends of your nails start to show some wear. It’s not chipped though, just faded, so using a top coat would probably solve this. I love this shade of green and the fact is has frog in the colour name makes me happy too.
4. Make Up Revolution Eye Shadow Palette Iconic 1 (Online, £4.00): As I mentioned the other day here, I was sent a bundle of joy from new budget make up brand ‘Make Up Revolution’ and am currently sifting through the contents to review. Not being a massive fan of wearing eye shadow on a day to day basis this Make Up Revolution palette has pretty much changed all that and I’ve worn it almost every day since I’ve had it! I’ve not tried the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, as let’s face it, I’d rather spend that £25 or whatever on something a little more worthwhile than a bunch of eyeshadows which all look the same. But for £4 this Make Up Revolution version of the Naked Palette is LIFE CHANGING….Kind of, haha. It’s a really blendable formula which applies so easily! I start with the lightest shade all over the lid then creep down to the mid brown for definition on the crease, finishing with the darkest brown shade on the edge of my lids. And even when you go wrong, the colours are so neutral you can blend it out and create a smokey eye effect with literally no effort at all. If you’re after a great quality, affordable, basic eye shadow palette then this is definitely the one to purchase. I love it!