Minty Dress and Brown Loafers

You know when it's the first day of real sunshine and you instantly feel around 20times paler than you did the day before? Yeah, that. Today it seems to be very sunny outside, but I'm still finding it incredibly chilly! Hence why I ended up whacking on some black tights and cardigan before I actually ventured out in this outfit. I was feeling quite optimistic, as you can tell, by getting my ultra pasty legs out. But alas their ecru tones were set to be covered up again and hidden by a fancy photo filter to disguise their extreme lack of any type of colour. Last year I was adamant I was going to rock the pale skin look the entire summer, but somehow this fake tan bug got me and I can now apply fake tan like a true Liverpudlian - And certainly will be investing in lots more this summer (sunbeds are bad mmmkay).

Outfit of the day featuring Dahlia at Topshop, Primark and Chatham Marine brown loafers on Hello Terri Lowe UK fashion blog.
Dress - Dahlia via Topshop. Belt - Primark. Loafers* - Chatham Marine 

My legs are still actually covered in bruises from some nights out recently. I don't know if I suddenly start walking like my knee's aren't attached properly and kick myself in the legs, or I fall over a lot, or someone just has a penchant for playing some kind of violent game of footsy flirting with me, but every Saturday morning after a few gins I get at least 3 new bruises! I bought this dress sometime last year from Topshop. I never usually shop there, but occasionally I will grab something from the sale. This is a Dahlia dress which I ended up paying £25 for and I remember being distinctly pissed off when I went to TK Maxx the next week and found the EXACT same dress in better colours with a different label stitched in for £15!! Alas, it's ok though, because I do actually wear this mint green dress, and I loveeee the scallop edges and pleated skirt. It's so comfy and easy to wear, perfect for summer.

Outfit of the day featuring Dahlia at Topshop, Primark and Chatham Marine brown loafers on Hello Terri Lowe UK fashion blog.

I also dug out this cute acrylic caterpillar necklace I forgot I had!! I don't actually know where I got it from, as it's at least 3 years old, but I often see necklaces made like this in little boutique shops and the like. It's like a layered perspex and I have an owl necklace in the same style. It also only cost me something like £8... Oh and not forgetting the shoes. It's a little too chilly for sandals quite yet so I've been popping on my Chatham Marine loafers as the perfect transitional shoe to ween my off my Dr Martens and knee high boots, which I have been wearing non stop for the last few months. It feels really weird wearing normal SHOES again on a daily basis when you've had your legs covered up. It's almost like something is just missing?! These brown leather loafers are so comfy, but I really wish I'd gone half a size or so up as one of the shoes really pinches my foot! But with being leather I'm hoping they stretch out soon enough, if you have any leather stretching tips or ideas to get them comfier quicker then PLEASE let me know!! The foot which doesn't pinch, on the other hand, is absolutely fine! But I do have the weirdest shaped feet this side of Stoke....

Outfit of the day featuring Dahlia at Topshop, Primark and Chatham Marine brown loafers on Hello Terri Lowe UK fashion blog.

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