Joining The (Make Up) Revolution

I’m having one of those weeks where I am really lacking energy and time to come over to Hello Terri Lowe and write anything of use. I always seem to be dipping in and out of enthusiasm lately and some weeks you will find me blog multiple times and other’s where, well, I kinda forget. Although my blogging enthusiasm has been somewhat on the back burner this, I have been spending this time of procrastination with my new (beauty) best friends, in the form of a really exciting parcel from new budget brand on the block: Make Up Revolution!

Make Up Revolution

A (tiny) review of Make Up Revolution, London. Brand new budget beauty brand for 2014!

Make Up Revolution London. Brand new budget beauty brand, blog review!
Ok, so maybe a slight exaggeration when I say this is a ‘review’ of Make Up Revolution products. I have so many to get through in my lovely little parcel that I am sifting through it at a steady pace! I posted a sneaky preview of everything I got over in Instagram the other day, so if anything catches your eye let me know and I can prioritise it a bit! Here’s the first thing I have cracked out and LOVED so far though, the Make Up Revolution Nail Polish in  ‘Cool Days’ which is the perfect spring time nail colour.  This shade of light greeny/blue is my go to colour when the days start to get a bit warm, and this one is a slightly lighter shade of the minty green shade you get from Barry M and the like. I must admit, you do need around 3 coats for a full coverage, but it dries really quickly between coats meaning it doesn’t take too long to build up the colour at all. But don’t buy it expecting a one coat product, because this is not it. The packaging is a little on the budget side also, with a label being stuck on instead of printed… But like that matters? (I just know how critical beauty bloggers can be!), it’s the product inside which counts! And with Make Up Revolution products it seems to be that the focus was strictly on the product not the packaging, which suits me personally fine.
Make Up Revolution London. Brand new budget beauty brand, blog review!

The best part of the Make Up Revolution Nail Varnish range though?? There’s over 40 shades AND it’s only a £1 each… I told you it was a budget beauty brand… And this is a budget and a HALF. So far I am really liking what I am trying, and their product range is not only new and exciting, but they also have some really interesting concepts for products like the #happylips amazing care lip colours and not to mention their dupes for high end products such as this concealer and these eyeshadow palettes!