Manchester Eats

Whenever I go to Manchester (which happens to be roughly every other weekend) I simply cannot help but succumb to one of their super fine eateries. There’s literally so much to choose from! With an array of independent restaurants and bars to get anything from Asian Fusion grub to classic burgers and hot dogs (and anything in between) it’d be a complete shame to eat something in the house like a mug! To me, Manchester is a complete contrast to Birmingham – where you find independent eats are few and far between (in fact it’s frigging awful trying to find somewhere good to eat in Birmingham). So it’s really no wonder that Birmingham is my least favourite city in the UK, ever. I know some of you are from there, so I’m sorry for slating it so much(!) but it just frustrates me when there’s so much potential yet it’s all so generic. 

Anyyyywaaayyyyy, following on from the mammoth hot dog I had at Solita the other week (here), we decided to head to what was the second choice on that day: The Kitchenette. It was a pure toss up when we went to Solita and decided just to head there because it was slightly closer, and we weren’t disappointed… Until we got our eyes around the menu at The Kitchenette. I’m kinda getting to the point at the moment were a burger place, is a burger place. They all do burgers, granted, slightly differently, but what I want it a wider range of dishes too! And that The Kitchenette you certainly get a wider selection from the same old burger menu. I ended up having the duck and sweet potato hash, which was a mega taste explosion in my mouth!! I’ve tried a lot of flavours and foods, but this combination was like something I’d never eaten before, and I can’t explain how it tasted, apart from it was absolutely divine. I got a ‘small’ plate with a side of fries…. And it’s a good job, as a small plate was more than enough to fill me up. The duck did get a little too rich in the belly towards the end, as they certainly didn’t skimp on the chunks of it, but overall it was a completely satisfying meal and I’ve been craving it ever since!

On Easter Sunday it didn’t take long until we realised all the shops in Manchester city centre were closed, so instead of getting the train in to town and eating there, we took a brief drive in to Fallowfield. We were initially going to go to ‘Ichiban’ but that had closed down (I’d not been there before anyway) but we spotted ‘Fuzion’ just down the road opposite the Sainsbury’s on the way back to the car. They were doing a lunchtime deal where you could get a main and a side for £8.50. I ordered the Tom Yum soup for my main with a side of Chilli and Salt Edamame beans. As soon as we saw the portion size alone we knew we’d made a wise decision! I ate around half of the bowl and had to take the other half home with me, I wasn’t wasting something so delicious! Turns out it was certainly value for money as the half that I took home managed to fill TWO regular sized bowls from my cupboard?! If I was a student in Fallowfield I think I know where I’d be heading to feed myself on a budget, haha. And it also turned out to taste even better after a day or two as the flavours seemed to infuse even more and made it more delicious.