Primark Pastel

 I’ve been really uninspired when shopping on the High Street lately. I don’t know whether it’s just my brain telling me I have enough clothing already, or if its just trends right now are really, really boring. I think that also, my tastes have changed quite drastically recently too, and the only two things I am lusting over are a black patent skirt (I don’t even know WHY?) and a floral two piece co-ord. Neither of which I can find for price I want to pay, or in a style I want to wear. Le sigh. When I was shopping this weekend I popped in to Primark just for a browse. I wasn’t after anything inparticular, but managed to spend about 30quid altogether – which in Primark money is millionssss.
Primark Mint Leather Skirt, Primark Lilac Floral Top: Outfit of the day on Hello Terri Lowe. UK fashion blog.
Within the tiny haul of Primark goods, I succumb to the hype of the Primark mint pleather skirt, you know, the one that all the ‘bloggers’ are going on about at the moment. Well, when I say ‘all the bloggers’ I actually mean I saw it on LLYMLRS So obviously I felt the need to buy it immediately, haha. Usually when something has been featured by a more established blogger you find that it’s sold out for weeks; that’s unless you live in Stoke. Honestly, the amount of times people have been desperate to get something from Primark and they can’t find it in branches in bigger cities, then I just stroll into the Hanley Primark and they’ve got loads! And I think this mint leather skirt is one of those items, as they were falling off the rack they had so many. Just keep an eye on the side seams if you buy one, because mine had come undone a little and there was a hole, but nothing a needle and thread didn’t solve. During the winter I’ve been obsessed with black faux leather skirts, so this mint skirt is the best transition to take my edgy side through to spring haha. I also picked up this cute lilac floral top when I was there, which I wanted to go with some pink culottes I recently got from Matalan, but it goes perfectly with this skirt too! I know this outfit probably doesn’t go with tights as well as it should, but it’s still pretty chilly out and although I want to channel some ‘spring style’ I still don’t want my goosebumps on show. To balance out the black tights I cracked out my velvet choker necklace which I got off ebay the other week for £3.99 off this seller, who delivered it super fast.
Primark Mint Leather Skirt, Primark Lilac Floral Top: Outfit of the day on Hello Terri Lowe. UK fashion blog.

Will you be succumbing to ‘blogger hype’ with the Primark faux leather mint skirt?