Say Hello To My Little Friend

Meet Herbert, my new little Hedgehog pal. He came to me in a little parcel from my beautiful buds from Argento. If you’ve not heard of Argento, then they stock the most precious range of jewellery your eyes will see, alongside being the single biggest Pandora retailer in UK and Ireland too. Their parcels are the most amazing thing to come through your letter box, even down to the envelope (if you’ve ever had anything from them you KNOW what I mean, right?!). The attention to detail is always amazing and if you ever bought anything as a gift you’re safe in the knowledge that it comes through you door already looking endlessly special. Anyway, back to Herbert, or Herby for short. He is a hedgehog and he is small and very charming….
I have a bit of a thing for Charm bracelets and I have done from quite a young age. My Nan has the most exciting one I ever did see, which is going to be mine one day, but she refuses to give it me now because I’m quite clumsy and will probably break/lose it…. She knows how clumsy I am. Nan’s charm bracelet has collected many special trinkets spanning over 50 years or so(!) and being the sentimental gal that I am, I love peaking at the different charms representing different memories in her life. Each charm is careful soldered on too, ensuring they last foreveerrrrr.

Although Herbert doesn’t have a special meaning or memory, and it probably would have been more suitable to choose a cat that represented Kitty, I couldn’t resist his cute little nose. Just look at it! Because the Argento Charms come with a handy little clasp to attach straight on to your favorite bracelet, they’re a little less complicated and lot quicker to add to your bracelet. I love this idea, as it means you could also quickly fashion them in to a necklace when you fancy too! The bracelet I’ve popped it on was handmade by local designer from Stoke on Trent – Jacqueline Harold, who specialises in Silver table wear. This was made especially for me for my birthday a few years ago! It has a heavy silver heart on it with my name stamped on. I do love a good bit of hand made craft I tell thee!

If you’re not keen on wearing bracelets, which to be honest I couldn’t every day and save wearing them for ‘occasions’, then you can also buy some super affordable charm carrier necklaces to wear your precious new buddy on. I think I might invest in one for Herbert as he does deserve to be taken out and wine and dined a little more really.