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I really should of wiped that Make Up Revolution eyeshadow palette before taking these pictures, but I guess that just shows how loved it is within my newly sized down make up bag. This is basically my 'daily ' make up and products which I find myself using more often than others. I only have a tiny TokyoMilk bag for taking my make up out and about when I need to, so I find I do have to narrow it down to the best of the best to make sure I can close it. As you can see, my every day face consists of a little mix of brands, and I've found I've somewhat refined my make up techniques since my skin is finally clearer. About 6 months ago my skin would get very spotty, and I've been spotty since I was in my early teens. Now I'm reaching my late twenties though I've finally begun to have adult skin, yipee! Before I would cake on a heavy coverage foundation and pile on the powder to set it afterwards. I wouldn't bother using a powder, as I found it made the foundation-powder combo go cakey and weird towards the end of the day, and I won't even begin to think about how that combination meant I didn't really need to use a concealer, as the coverage was so heavy to begin with! The problem with setting your make up with a heavy powder is that once it's on - it's on, and you can't 'top up' your make up throughout the day without making a bit of a cloggy mess and having to blend like your life depended on it. Alas, now I have learnt the error of my ways, and my skin looks fresher, clearer and a bit less dogs dinner-y for the day than before. 

For my base I've been finally using a primer. I go for pinky toned illuminating ones generally, just because I find them a bit prettier than the likes of Porefessional which is almost like a clear/white gel formula. Going between Look Beauty Perk Me Up, the Holika Holika Mouse Primer and more recently this Seventeen Skin Wow! 3 Way Highlighter which I recently picked up on the Boots 3 for 2 offer. It can be used in 3 ways - hence the '3 way highlighter' part - giving you the choice of either using as a base primer, mixing a blob in with your foundation or dotting on cheekbones just for a touch of a sheen. I prefer to use it all over as a base ready for the Seventeen On The Spot Foundation. When I first bought this foundation I kinda hated it. I couldn't blend it in and when set with a heavy powder it just looked SHIT. So I've neglected it for a while, however, with a dewy base this spot fighting foundation is pretty darn good! I just slosh it on willy nilly using my fingers then grab a blending sponge thing to dab out the weird lines I just created. I prefer to do it this way as I find applying directly with the sponge doesn't transfer the foundation as well as with my hands. I also find the same with foundation brushes. So I guess that makes me a 'bad beauty blogger' that I apply my foundation with my fingers. OH WELL, I CAN LIVE WITH THAT. I do find the colour match with Seventeen foundations is always spot on for my complexion too, so score. 

I got this Oriflame Concealer a while ago and have finally mastered using it. I used the yellow toned colour to hide my under eye tiredness, the green for redness and spots and mix a touch of the flesh toned shade in to blend it all in nicely. Once again using the blending sponge. Once I've covered all my manky face with a nice luminous caking of spot covering-redness reducing-tiredness fighting base product, I pop on two, yes TWO Seventeeen Cheek Stamp blushers. I seem to have a penchant or Seventeen products at the moment, but I couldn't resist the cute little packaging and range of colours they have in these blushers. I think I've been watching a bit too much RuPauls Dragrace lately though, as I use the brown toned blusher (bashful) to shadow just under the cheek bone and pop a blob of the pinkish one (stare struck) of the apple of my cheeks. I then grab a brush and blend it like a polaroid picture until it's all blended in. It's not quite a Kim Kardashian level of contouring, but I've found it to be a nice technique and combination to add a touch of definition without looking like you've smoothed poop under your cheekbones.

And finally, to finish off the whole blending thing I grab the Antipodes Kabuki brush and the Antipodes Skin Brightening Finishing Powder. As I said, I've stopped using a heavy powder to cover my already heavy foundation, but I do find on warmer days my forehead sometimes looks a bit.... Shiny (I was going to say sweaty, but shiny is more classy of course). I dusting of the Antipodes Mineral based powder soon puts it at bay and keeps the shininess concealed for longer. The kabuki brush is also great for finishing your base as it is just the right level of softness - Not firm enough to ruin the rest of your base and not so soft that it dusts powder EVERYWHERE. 

It's been a long time since I've used eyeshadows on a daily basis (let's not talk about the days where I used to wear greeen eyeshadow religiously ok?) but since having the Make Up Revolution Iconic palette in my life I seem to now wear it every day again! When I'm just going to work I pop on just a slick of the lightest coloured shimmery one, just so my eyeliner applies a bit better and stays on a bit longer. But on nights out and evenings I like to blend the bejesus out of the entire range of shades. Once again, I break all the beauty blogging/MUA rules and just use a concealer brush I once got in a beauty box. I find it's the easiest brush to use to get a gentle blended colour, which doesn't look too heavy or intense. 

Aaaaaaaaaaand finally, to finish my eyes (after I've filled my eyebrows, which I forgot to include) I always always wear black liquid eyeliner. This NYC liquid eyeliner is quite good for such an affordable price! I do love the NYC range of make up and have quite a few bits, and this eyeliner is no different from the rest of the range in terms of great quality for a budget price tag. Then I combine two mascara's as I love a nice thick black lash no matter what the occasion. I really loved the Lancome Hypnose Drama when I got a small sample once, so picked up the full size when they had it on offer for £10 in Debenhams the other week. I do find that the brush is kinda clumpy and awkward, despite the formula being great. So I use the 2true WOW! Volume Mascara to separate and define the lashes as it's a nice sturdy brush with little short bristles. 

And that's about it! 

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  1. I've been meaning to try pick up a Make Up Revolution eyeshadow palette, but alas my local Superdrug doesn't seem to stock it yet. Booo.

  2. I agree with you about the Lancome brushes, I do not find they do the job at all - I use a Max Factor false lash effect wand with my Lancome mascara. The Seventeen blushes seem pretty interesting, might have to look into getting myself some of those!

    Rebecca Kate x
    Charming Skies


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