Instagram Adventures

I feel like lately I have just been SO busy that any attempts at organising my life (never mind my blog) have all just gone out of the window completely. Usually I just enjoy relaxing at home every day after work, occasionally going to the gym or even out for some food if I’m feeling extra fancy. But after taking up pole dancing, heading to events and having something which resembles a social life for the past few weeks, I’ve really fallen behind! I can’t believe how warm the past week has been, which is why the brand new Fruitbroo Iced Teas have come in as a massive blessing in disguise for boiling hot days where I fancy something a bit more refreshing than boring water. I’ve tried the Fruitbroo tea range before (see the review here) and being a big fan of iced tea, it’s nice to see a more refreshing variation from Fruitbroo for warm summer days. The beauty of Fruitbroo teas is that you can adjust the strength to suit your own taste and they are much more exciting flavours than the standard lemon/peach iced teas you find in the chiller cabinet at the supermarket. (And a little hint: Get 50% off your order of Fruitbroo online by using the discount code: ICEDHALFPRICE)
Last weekend I popped along to Leeds for the Oriflame blogger event. I’ve been a huge fan of Oriflame for a year or so now, so I was excited to see what their new ‘The One’ range had to offer! We got to see professional make up artist Gary Cockerill in full swing to showcase some new products and techniques, as he is now a brand ambassador for Oriflame, oh and of course we got to take some samples of the new range home to play with too! So far I am enjoying the The ONE Colour Unlimited Lipstick, which is a super moisturing and lovely lip product which I’ve been wearing every day since. Although the colour transfer isn’t as opaque as I’d hoped for, it’s worked out well, as in the shade ‘Violet Extreme’ it’s turned out to be a really wearable colour for daily wear. Whilst in Leeds I popped to Harvey Nichols (dahlinnnggg) but had a massive stress whinge about how I couldn’t find anything in the city, before I picked up that cute little box of chocolates, which all those interesting flavours in!  I’m so bad at being in places I don’t know, but finding this little box of chocolate treasure made it all OK in the end. I’m really looking forward to trying the Rose and Chai Seed flavour, but haven’t managed to try any yet. We also popped to Trinity Kitchen for a quick bit of food before we went. I had a Mango Salad from Pho alongside a Vietnamese coffee – which turned out to be a coffee of DREAMS. If anyone knows how to make it at home, please tell me. Although I’m assuming it might just be regular coffee with condensed milk? Either way, I want it again, right now.
As you may have seen from my incessant tweets and instagram pictures, I also went to a KATY PERRY CAKE PARTY on Tuesday night at the Phones 4u Arena in Manchester (and saw the Katy Perry show too). The full blog post for that mega treat will be up at some point soon, but for now you can bask in the glory of that amazing cake from Home Sweet Home up there! 
And finalllyyyy an honorary mention for my Tefal Optigrill which I received AGES ago courtesy of Tefal. This thing is a GENIUS in itself. I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of different things on it, but I think my winner for a quick and yummy dinner is buying some half baked rolls from Tesco (which cost you about 50p) and whacking some ham and cheese on it. Just squish them down between the plates for about 4 minutes and you get the most amazing little panini you ever could taste. I would also recommend that LowLow Toastie cheese for this, as it melts like a god damn dream. This thing is also so amazing for meat and steaks, and I find it cooks a chicken breast faster than a speeding bullet. For chicken I literally just coat it in a peri peri seasoning and pop it on, then it’s good for either serving with rice at the time, or saving and cutting in to strips for a salad the next day. Living alone, this has been my favourite kitchen gadget for a quick and easy tea since my Egg n Toast maker I got for my birthday last year!