Kitty Guest Post: Cat Hampurr Review!

Today we pass Hello Terri Lowe over to resident purrfectionist Kitty to do a guest post review of Cat Hampurr! The brand new monthly subscription box – JUST FOR CATS!  HI KITTY!!

Meow meow, Kitty here! It’s been a while since my last guest post here on Terri’s blog! This week I was superrrr lucky to get my paws on the purrfect little treat from the meowtastic felines at Cat Hampurr. I always get super jealous when I see Terri get her treats in the post, and all she used to give me were the stinking boxes left over from her beauty boxes she used to get. So I’m really pleased it’s my turn now! Meow! Cat Hampurr works the same as those regular monthly subscription boxes, which is usually boring beauty and make up themed, but this one is all for meeeeee(ow)! As soon as we opened the box I noticed the lovely purple tissue paper which I had a little sniff and roll around on, and then I dug my face in to the menu of what was actually inside my box! 

The first thing I sniffed out was the AMAZING Molly’s Mice Catnip Mouse – Me-WOW. I immediately felt myself go a little keraaayzzeeeee and could not stop DROOLING!!! My eyes went all big and my purring was so loud that I’m sure the neighbours heard me!  I managed to successful drool ALL OVER the little red mouse, so Terri had to take it off me and now only let’s me have it for about 20 minutes a day. She said I was a bit weird and acted like an unhinged tiger when I had it for too long, but I tell you, the 20 minutes I’m allowed it is the highlight of my day! I do get a bit scratchy when it’s taken away but DO YOU BLAME ME? IT’S HEAVEN IN A MOUSE!!! To take my attention away from the beautiful delicious catnip mouse being cruelly taken away from me, I get to eat EXTRA Happy Cat Biscuits though! Which are so yummy. And they don’t make me anywhere near as loopy as my regular Go Cat biscuits make me (especially at night, it’s like I’m having Red Bull before lights off!). 

I also got some other treats from Thrive in my Cat hamper. They’re like freeze dried cubes of really delicious smelling chicken and tuna, but unfortunately after a little lick I didn’t really like them. But I am sooooppuurrrr fussy when it comes to food anyways as I only eat Felix Sensations and Go Cat biscuits! Maybe I’m just really spoilt though, because Terri does treat me sooooo well. My box also contained Cat SHAMPOO!! Arghhhh!! I hate WATTERRRRRR, but luckily my feline friend Cookie (who belongs to Tereza) has longer fur than me, so I will donate it to him as he enjoys a little bath now and again. He’s so brave!!! Maybe I will give me Thrive treats to Merlin too, he looks like a pussy who would enjoy a treat! The most interesting bit of my box was the Din Dins Superfood. This is a weird powder which is sprinkled over my regular foods, I’ve not tried it yet but I’ve been sniffing the packaging lots and can’t wait to give it a lick! But I’m not allowed it quite yet because I have been ever so spoilt this week.

Anyway, I’m gonna go play with my catnip mouse again now! Nomnomnomnomdrooooooool. You can treat your cat to a special Cat Hampurr over on their website. It’s costs £11.99 a month if you subscribe, which is a super lovely idea if you’re a house cat like me, as we don’t get all the fun things outdoor cat’s get…. Like chasing bugs in the grass!