Saturn Bag And Sunshine Style

Usually I absolutely hate it when it’s sunny, and I guess this time is no different. I never know what to wear or how to dress non-child like. There’s something about lighter colours that make me look even YOUNGER than I already do, which is slowly becoming a pain – Looking about 16 when you’re actually nearly 30. Like, there’s not really a way you can make yourself look older is there? But if looking young was a competition then I’m freakin’ winning that one aren’t I? Alas, for this sunny weekend I frolicked up to my parents house and took a few snaps of my new pastel blue ‘Saturn’ bag I bought recently off Aliexpress. I did tell my mother I was going in to the garden to take some pictures and requested she didn’t watch me (haha) but then she offered to take them for me, and I said OK. Alas, we embarked on an awkward 10 minutes where I didn’t know how to ‘pose’, she didn’t know how to use my camera, and some child up the road started shouting at me that he wore Dora the Explorer nappies and he was 5, and sometimes wears dresses too (you go, girlfriend). But we got some alright images, in the end…

Ok, so the bag. Yes, yes, I won’t say the ‘official’ designer name, because I’m not sure how frowned upon that would be? I don’t know, people love their ‘dupes’ of designer make up and bags, but when you have an actual logo on it everyone loses their shit and gets all snobby. When it’s cost me £6 though, I don’t care too much what people think, as even without the ‘saturn’ logo  it’s still a pretty cute bag for £6! My dress was from the car boot, but is a brand called ‘Hearts and Bows’ which always do the CUTEST dresses ever. You can find a good range of them at Ark. I love the little crochet cut out waist and the pale wash of the denim. I usually wouldn’t ever go for a dress like this, but when it was so cheap at the car boot sale I had to have it, and I’m so pleased it’s in my life. Obviously it’s a bit too warm for too many layers, so I just whacked on my converse and I was good to go. 

Even though I look like some kind of weird midget on the last picture here, I thought I’d throw it in it, just to show what a shit hole Stoke on Trent is… You know, with all that horrid green and fields and space and that. ERGH STOKE, JUST GO AWAY YOU’RE SO GROSS.