A Summer Glow When You’re A Pale Potato

fake tan for pale girls, including make up revolution review
When you’re so pale that you repel the sun, it often makes you feel a bit conscious when it’s the height of summer. Everyone is out and about looking a bit TOWIE, and you’re still as pasty as a a slice of Warburton’s white bread. But never fear! I have found the perfect products for getting a bit of bronze in your life, without going orange or looking like you’ve smeared poop on your face. The first product to strike ‘the fear’ in to any pale girl is fake tan. I was convinced for years that any fake tan I tried would just go orange or yellow on me because I was so white, and despite finding a few which were amazing and make me go a lovely touch of tan, this mousse self tanner by Malibu is THE ONE. It’s a fool proof formula, which even I manage to apply without getting blobs or streaks in the wrong places. Applied with a tanning mit (which costs you around 79p from Home Bargains) you literally squirt a nice big blob of the mousse on to it and I dab it all over my legs. Then after a few moments I start to rub it in. I have tried foam and spray self tan before, but this mousse formula is by far (for me) the easiest and the best. It turns you a lovely delicate bronze tone and doesn’t stink of biscuits like most self tanners do! I still daren’t use a fake tan on my face mind. I’m still not confident enough with my application techniques to be sure I won’t end up with streaks on my cheeks! So to add a touch of bronze to your regular make up routine the brand new ‘Blushing Hearts’ busher from sister brand of Make Up Revolution ‘I ❤ Make Up’ is perfect. I have never been so in love with a bronzey blusher! The shade ‘Peachy Keen Heart’ contains 3 stripes of slightly different toned baked powder, which are the perfect combination of brown and pink with a slightly peach undertone. You can find the entire range online here, and they come in a variety of different colours and hues, and for £4.99 you really can’t go wrong – if you buy it just for the pretty packaging alone! And speaking of Make Up Revolution; the bronzer I was reaching for before this beautiful heart shaped one, was their baked bronzer in ‘Ready To Go’ which looks a little darker than it is in real life on the website there. This is more of a delicate bronze with a slight shimmer, which is perfect for highlighting as well as contouring. And once again, with such affordable prices it’s a no brainer. I really can’t wait to see Make Up Revolution in Superdrug so I can see all the stuff in real life and go swatch crazy! Finally, an older product on the pale girl bronzing menu is the W7 Moonlight Glow liquid highlighter, which is a lovely yellowish gold cream liquid with a subtle pinkish sheen. I completely forgot I had this until the other day and soon rekindled my love for it. It’s great for warming up the tone of your super pale foundation by mixing it in, or just dab across your cheek bones and blend for a really delicate sunkissed touch! You can buy it from most bargain stores, but failing that they also sell it on Amazon too.
fake tan for pale girls, including make up revolution review
What are your favourite products for adding a hint of sun during summer?
I’m particularly interested in this if, like me, you repel UV rays!