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Bra's are a weird thing aren't they? Often the prettiest part of your outfit, yet tucked away under layers of clothes only for yourself (or someone special, you saucy minx) to see. When you think about it, it's a bit odd that the pretty patterns, lacey frills and sultry straps are all hidden for a majority of the time, but there's something about dressing up your underwear that makes your outerwear and self feel awesssommmeeee isn't there? Boob size has never been something to bother me, although granted it would be quite nice sometimes to have a larger cup size to counteract my Beyonce ass, to balance out my pear shape in to more of an hour glass, but then I think about the complications of larger boots and it's not for me. The joys of being blessed with a B cup is that you can avoid button up shirts gaping, you can go to the gym without needing a really expensive sports bra, and you can also make them appear bigger anyway by getting a good bit of padding in your bra. I tend to actually steer clear of overly padded bra's though, as I think in a way it's a bit of false advertising, and honestly, having a smaller chest isn't anything to be so ashamed of that you have to feel the need to pad them out to feel any more feminine or 'sexy' (I cringeeee at that word, ha). Other than padding out your tiny boobs with bulky bra's, there are other ways to dress them up to be a bit special. This bra from House of Fraser, for example, is the perfect way to put a bit of sultry in your step without being too revealing or false advertising your bee stings. When, like I, not even a bra named 'va va voom' can create some form of cleavage, the straps across the tops of the cup compensate for the lack of shape by giving the illusion of shape. Even though it is the Ultimo 'The One' Va va Voom bra, it's not as padded as one would expect and it's a comfortable moulded shape, which goes great under most tops and dresses. It's also perfect under some garments when you want to add a bit more to look at, you know, like those mesh panel insert dresses which are all the rage.  I avoided them for a while as the mesh part really did nothing for the ol' ironing board. But whipping on a strap detail bra instantly adds something to look at without feeling like a dogs dinner. 

Thank you House of Fraser for making me feel a bit more fancy under my clothes.
You can find their entire lingerie range here.

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  1. This is a beautiful bra! I wish my boobs were smaller so I didn't have gaping shirt issues! :-( xxx

    Hips Like Cinderella

  2. That is a stunner! Love the detailing! xx

  3. That bra is honestly stunning, love it! xxx


Thanks for the comment!

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