From the Wild Weekend to Busy Business

So after my wild weekend, which you can read about here, the activities didn't seem to stop there. Yesterday me and Charl took the day off work and ended up going to Liverpool to check out 'Pitch and Panel' as part of the National Business Awards, sponsored by VonageVonage are a communications company who are basically a bit like Skype, where you can make phone calls over an internet connection even if you don't have a network signal from your phone provider, you can find out more about them here. Vonage also support small businesses with their flexible, affordable plans offering cost effective solutions for a small business on a budget.  But back to Tuesday; The Pitch and Panel event was a Dragon's Den style set up, where a variety of people were pitching their business ideas to a panel of judges. The morning was met with a variety of business folk with a plethora of wonderful pitches, followed by a Q&A session in the afternoon. I always have an intrigue for business events and especially ones where there are non public speakers doing some public speaking! When I was at university my entire degree was pretty much centred around setting up your own business to become a self employed designer maker, and sometimes I wonder what life would be like now if I had gone down that route, and every time I come to the conclusion that life would be much, much harder. Seeing people in suits, talking business, always makes me think about how much time people have to invest in their passion to turn it in to a living, and although the idea somewhat excites me, it also puts the fear in to me. But not fear about doing something I LOVE for a living (which would be making jewellery, by the way, yes I have a degree in making stuff), but the fear of PAPERWORK. I would definitely need to hire an assistant who would be able to fill out forms and run my life for me in general, as a forgetful mind and lack of organisation wouldn't really bode well when paying your bills and feeding yourself generally relies on it. Thankfully I do actually do something I like for a living (Marketing), but it never hurts to get a bit of inspiration from professionals to put a spring in your step and think about your life, does it?

Business business business, numbers numbers numbers.
The most engaging pitch of the day, I felt, came from Richard Llewellyn who has designed a software solution for healthcare in the form of Forell. It's basically taking the boring experience of having to ensure physiotherapy and making it in to a interactive physiotherapy app, to aid your recovery and track progress. Innovative ideas like this are so simple, yet prove how much of an impact smartphones and apps are having, even in the medical world. The app even includes videos so ensure that the patient is doing the exercises properly too!

Finalists from the National Business Awards Pitch and Panel event were: Emma Cerrone (Free:Formers), Alistair Smit (The Magic Thermodynamic Box), Ben Weaver (Outlook Publishing Ltd), Kathryn Birch (Translive Global) and Jay Radia (Yieldify) - Congrats, guys. Overall it was a bit of a different day, and despite going to plenty of business seminars in the past, I've never attended one which was in such an interactive format as this. 

*I was compensated for time and expenses for this event.

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