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Co Ords from Ark on Hello Terri Lowe UK Style blog

I had so much planned for this weekend, and ended up doing nothing at all. Yesterday I spent the whole day in bed, feeling like that lad from the Secret Garden film, being all sickly and weary and waiting for some horrible little girl to dump me outside and force me to walk and have fun. Alas, the little girl never came and I stayed in bed until 10pm inbetween puking my guts up and attempting to eat a cold quarter pounder with cheese. My life is so wild sometimes. It turns out as well, that during the weekend of puke-tastic goodness, I missed out not only on the nice things I had planned, but also on the sunshine yesterday! Which makes me really sad as the sunshine is the perfect weather a CO-ORD! And I have been seeking the perfect co-ord for weeks and weeks now, only to now have two of the matching twin set beauties now in my life. The first and most tropical of my two new found loves is from Ark. I don't know when Ark suddenly became THE BEST SHOP EVER, but it's definitely one of my favourite shops right now. They have so many pretty patterns and fabrics and *droooool* Co-ordinates. Twelve months ago I would have never chosen an outfit which was so colourful or so revealing, and I certainly would not have chosen shorts without a long top to hide my bottom, but as soon as I put this outfit on I AM IN THE ZONE and suddenly feel so sassy. The top is a flattering crop style with an inverted V shape on the front with a zip up back, I got it in a size Medium from the website and it fits a size 10 like a glove. The skorts I didn't actually realise were skorts and though it was a skirt until I got it! But it couldn't be more perfect and I like the flappy faux skirt bit more than any person should. Ark definitely have the best selection of Co-Ords in stock right now if you're after one for yourself!

Co Ords from COW Vintage on Hello Terri Lowe UK Style blog

The second most perfect co-ord in the world I bought from COW in Manchester. Cow have so many things in I want right now, including so many Ralph Lauren shirt dresses I keep eyeing up and talking myself out of. I picked up this cute little skirt and top matching set for £26. It's basically a vintage dress that they've revamped and turned in to a twin set.  The elasticated waist allows for such a comfy fit, and you could definitely mix and match either with other items to get the most for your money. I have a few skirts in this style and they're pretty flattering! The trouble with Cow is that you have to buy anything you like right there and then because everything is such a one of. I saw about 10 other twin sets I would have bought but had to just choose one. Wahhh. Unfortunately I still look a bit poorly sick from my wild (crap) weekend. So here's some insta's of the matchy matchy's in action. Enjoy! (I really shouldn't have clicked on Cow's Twin Set section just then, good god, I need them all.)

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  1. Look at your itty bitty waist! V jealous! Love the cow twin set and the lacy collar! Xx

    Hips Like Cinderella

  2. I looooooveeeeeee co-ords! These are so cute xx
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