New Hair, Cut With Care!

Umberto Giannini in Harvey Nichols, Manchester

Restoring my faith in hairdressers!

It’s been a long, long time since I last visited the hairdressers. In fact, the last time I went was 4 years ago and for some unknown reason, despite asking for a ‘trim’ I ended up with a hair cut which resembled some kind of mushroom-mullet hybrid. The bloke cut my fringe from the crown of my head and completely butchered the lengths. So since then, I’ve left my hair to it’s own devices, stuck hair extensions in permanently for a year and let it be. Unfortunately though, this has meant the ends were frazzled to pieces and I couldn’t wear my hair down without extensions as it looked so unhealthy and ridiculous. But this is where Umberto Giannini located in a fancy pants salon in Harvey Nichols, Manchester came to the rescue! When they first invited me down for a hair consultation and cut, I almost said no. A few bad experiences at the hairdressers just made me a bit scared to go for the chop. I felt like it had taken me so long for that damn fringe to grow out, I didn’t want to risk it coming back in to my life again!! It seemed like every time I’d been to the hairdressers in the past they just fob me off with ‘it’s damaged’ and cut about 4 inches off, which I felt was always a bit of a backstep when I actually want my hair to grow! Thankfully at Umberto Giannini I was put in the hands of Ryan. I feel like Ryan is my new hair God or something right now, as not only did he actually listen to what I said about how I wanted my hair – he actually DID IT. He didn’t just listen and butcher it all off anyway; like every other hairdresser in the land I have ever encountered. 
When I first got to the salon we sat down and Ryan asked what I wanted to do with my hair. I wanted to grow it, and not rely on my extensions any more. I always feel like my hair is really fine without extensions in, but in actual fact, I have prettttyyyy thick hair. He said that he literally needed to cut 2cm’s at most off to even the layers out and get rid of the damage. Getting rid of the wispy ends instantly made it look thicker throughout the lengths, so that was the first success for my new hair adventure! Ryan also told me about the Umberto Giannini Mend My Hair range, which is perfect for my over processed, dyed hair.  He also told me about an amazinnnggg technique where you wash your hair with the shampoo, dry it off, THEN apply some of the hair oil on to the ends and a small blob of conditioner to the rest. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse.  He did this on the day and I’ve tried it since, and it’s gotta be the best tip EVER. Honestly. Every time I try this method, the layers instantly look more defined and the ends look so much smoother. I’m sure you could do this with most oils you have already in your hair care stashes, so try it! It will change your hair life! The Umberto Giannini Mend My Hair range is perfect for over processed, dry or damaged hair and it packed full of hair loving ingredients, and the Mend My Hair Damage Repair Protein Spray also has heat protection, so perfect to get that sleek and smooth blow dry at home! I think the most expensive product in this range is around £8 at Boots (and they always seem to have 3 for 2 offers on!), so not only is it awesome it’s also mega affordable. The shampoo can be a bit thick though, so be sure to add an extra splash of water to get a good lather on the go.
Cheeky Before and After Shots

After I had my hair cut it somehow looked longer than when I’d started?! I think this is because some of the blonde had been cut out of the ends though. I honestly had no idea how long my hair actually was! But it’s the first time I’ve ever had a hair CUT and it’s managed to look LONGER afterwards. Ryan must be a magical hair wizard or something. I managed to also sneak in another appointment the week after to have my colour done. I must admit, as much as I love my red ombre dip dye do, I do sometimes fancy a change. Ryan suggested that I could go for more of a copper tone rather than red for summer, and at first I was a little unsure. I was expecting to be turned completely ginger, which as much as I love the idea of that, I’m not sure that I’m ready to take that plunge quite yet…. Alas, the copper coloured dye was applied all over (apart from my roots, where we stuck to a red tone still) and this was the result:

WHEN DID MY HAIR GET SO LONG?! I really love how the ends have gone a lovely orange shade and the colour gradient has stayed throughout my hair. Every time I look at it it looks more vivid, or a slightly different shade. I’ve decided to also keep my extensions out for the time being too. I was so tempted to pop them back in with the micro beads, but I’ve resisted and just dyed some old clip in extensions a similar colour for nights out (as you can see below). I dyed these with the Feria dye in ‘Paprika’, which is a colour I’ve been dying (get it?) to go for years and years. But I think just sticking with the ends as this lovely orangey gingery shade for now will do. The Feria dye also hasn’t gone anywhere near as vivid as the salon dye. But that’s ok as it just adds to the ombre effect anyway and a quick loose curl blends them in quite well for a night out! I am quite tempted to go the whole copper colour all over soon, as I’ve had the same shade of red in my hair for over 10 years now. But I won’t be dying it quite yet as I’m (as you can tell) pretty satisfied with it right now.
red orange ombre dip dye hair

So thank you Umberto Giannini for restoring my faith in hairdressers, not ruining my hair, and making my life complete! Oh, and the salon itself is absolutely amazing. So much so that when I first went in I was waiting for them to take me in to the actual salon part – but I was already in it. Whoops.