Wild Weekend

Essense UK Launch Event, Umberto Giannini at Harvey Nichols…

…The Lady Boys of Bangkok in Manchester and more!

This last weekend has been so busy!! I was actually dreading all the stuff I had planned for the week running up to it, but thankfully all went to plan and it turned out to be amazing. The sun was shining at all times, and I managed to fit everything in, with little to no stress at all. Spending the entire weekend in my beloved Manchester, Saturday morning started off with having my hair coloured at Umberto Giannini in Harvey Nichols. I’ve mentioned a few times that I haven’t visited a hair dressers for over 4 years now, and I’ve managed to go twice in as many weeks. Last week I plucked up the courage to removed my extensions and headed on down for a trim, and I had a skin test ready for the colour to be done on the Saturday just gone. The picture at the top is from when it had just been coloured, and doesn’t show the colour as brightly as it does in the picture on my Pizza Express review, which you can see here. Which is more true to how it looks in real life, because that’s not my poopadoop phone camera. I will do a full blog post as soon as possible about the ‘hairdresser-for-the-first-time-in-4-years’ experience soon enough anyway. After getting to the salon at around 11am, I was done for around 1.30pm so mooched around town for a bit, spending money of things I didn’t need and then went to the aforementioned Pizza Express meal. It was a lovely relaxing day, truth be told, and I was nowhere near as rushed or stressed out as I thought I’d have been, as I always panic about timings and travelling when I have stuff on in other cities. I’m such a worry wart. 
On the Sunday me and my friend Alex popped along to the Essence UK event. Which was pretty much beauty blogger heaven. I’ve never been to such a generous event before, and the idea was basically ‘here’s your goody bag and there’s a stand of make up, knock yourself out’ and boyyyy did we go wild. At the time I felt very greedy, those nail varnishes were like crack, but because Tereza and Charl couldn’t make it, me and Alex picked up lot’s of goodies for them to enjoy too. So if you did see us there we weren’t being *that* vulture like, we were sharing it all along! Because it was such a nice day we decided to sit in Picadilly gardens for a bit until we met some friends and then headed to The Kitchenette down on Oxford Road. I’ve mentioned The Kitchenette before, and absolutely yummed down their sweet potato and duck hash the last time I went, but this time decided to go for their steamed buns with pulled pork. I’ve not had steamed buns like this before, but they’re were pretty darn good. Although the pulled pork itself left a little to be desired, the accompanying side salad had a spicy delicious kick that more than made up for flavour. My friend had some kind of magical card too which got us 40% off our meals, so it ended up cheaper than McDonalds for yumtastic cuisine. 
Then finally we were invited by the mysterious Lady Boys of Bangkok to see their brand new show Red Hot Kisses. I discovered The Lady Boys last year when I used to work in their head office doing a bit of marketing and PR, so I was very much looking forward to enjoying the show this year when I didn’t have to work hard behind the scenes in the run up to it, haha!  The show this year doesn’t disappoint, and their purpose built Sabai Pavilion is currently located on the old BBC site on Oxford Road. It’s really amazing how the tent turns in to a fully fledged cabaret experience as soon as you walk in to the main stage area. With chairs laid out around tables instead of in rows, and being such an intimate setting, you really do get into the zone! I will (again) get a proper blog post up about this ASAP, as the Ladyboys of Bangok aren’t in Manchester for long, so I want to feature them before they move on, just in case anyone is on the fence about going – I’m sure my review will convince you! 
All these pictures are from my instagram account by the way, so sorry if you’ve seen them before! If not you can follow me here. And I currently have a sneaky competition on the go to win some Essence goodies. (Don’t worry, I will also review Essence cosmetics at some point too!) So much to blog, so little time.