A Joules Summer

A Joules Summer

Nothing screams summer quite like a floral or yellow dress (or better yet, a yellow AND floral dress) and with the heatwave in the UK today it's the perfect weather to crack out your favourite summer dresses. I for one have been meeeeelting today. For some reason I decided to book the hottest day of the year off work just to sit in my flat and share my disdain at the heat with Kitty (whilst watching Gossip Girl of course). Not that I can complain about that because it was certainly better than melting at work in front of a computer screen all day! Joules is a brand I reaaaaally do love, they used to do a big sale that came to Keele every year where you could get loads of items heavily reduced in price, and is where I picked up my beautiful Joules tweed blazer, which is perfect for channelling my farmer chic side at festivals and the like. I also got some wellies from Joules last year which were perfect for all that mud at Leeds Festival too.

As always, Joules not only do a dash of tweed and practical wellies in a pretty way, but they have the most floral and summery dresses a girl can ask for - which are perfect for capturig the essence of the sunny British countryside in one cute little garment. My favourite out of the above selection is definitely the 'Etty' light blue tunic dress on the far right, and luckily for me I can buy it in the sale here. I love the duck egg blue base with a sprinkle of mustard yellow to detail the floral design. Yum. Speaking of mustard yellow (yes, I have a soft spot for yellow in the summer), you can't go wrong with a classic 60's style shift dress. This simple but cute shift dress would look perfect with my Orla Kiely Milly shoes that I got from Clarks a few months ago. And it wouldn't be hard to take this dress from summer to autumn by whacking on a pair of black tights and a cardigan. The Joules dress on the far left is also a perfect dress for either hot or cold weather, with a bit of added length and a wrap around waist, it'd be perfect for work. 

I need to really stop browsing the Joules site now though, as I've just stumbled upon their homeware section, including this spectacular dog bed! Even though it's for pooches I am so tempted to treat Kitty to it! Although it will probably succumb to the same fate as any cat bed I buy for her does, and she will sniff it once and never step foot on it. Ungrateful little feline.

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