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From butt selfies, to mid gig rants, Kimye is the dream team I love to hate, hate to love, love to love and just can't stop looking at pictures of. Yes, they have a child called North West and are so in love with themselves that you can't work out how they manage to love each other. But there's just something which makes me NOT WANNA LOOK AWAY. It's not the first time I've revealed my love for Kanye West on my blog and I've managed to see him live more times than I can't count now (the best being at The Big Chill festival when he had his harem of ballet dancers!) unfortunately though, I've yet to see Kim and her mesmerising derrière in the flesh though. Boooo! Whenever I go on Tumblr I just can't help but search for pictures of them. I don't do it on any other social platform - Just Tumblr. And is it any wonder when you find page after page of hilarious pictures of this super star couple? Although the My Voucher Codes campaign of celebrities as puppets capture the vacant expression behind Kim Kardashian's eye and illustrate the fact that sometimes Kanye just kinda needs to 'shhhhhhhh!', there are more images around which I find myself having a little 'lol' over. The infamous Vogue cover did spark many a-spoof visuals for one, and we won't even beggggiiin to talk about the mirror shot Kim instagrammed a few months ago. Oh, don't make out like you don't know *that* one. So anyway, bask in the glory of my favourite Kimye pictures below:


Actually... I won't post too many. But I hope any Kimye fans enjoy these for now.
Be right back, just downloading the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app on my iPad.
Hands up if you're in the Kimye Appreciation Society!
Or do you loathe this meeting of narcissistic minds?

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