Lace, Tassles and a Touch of Leopard

Fashion blog outfit of the day on Hello Terri Lowe featuring TK Maxx, Primark and Plantas shoes.
Dress Primark - Lace Duster Cardigan TK Maxx - Sandals* Plantas

No, no, this isn't my entry in to the 2014 Miss Knobbly Knee's Competition. This is me actually doing an outfit post where the clothes are on my body (for the first time in a few months!) instead of my beloved 'Simple Style' posts. The main reason for this is because this lovely lace duster cardigan is so hard to photograph when it's not on your body. And it's so beautiful I needed to blog about it at some point in my life. I've been putting off wearing it out, as being on the shorter side it does drag on the floor occasionally with all those glorious tassles at the bottom. I was eyeing up maxi cardigans online for ages, and really wanted a crochet style one, but I found this lace version in TK Maxx for £16.99 and bagged it straight away. Alas, I couldn't resist wearing it any longer and it goes perfectly with my new yellow shirt dress from Primark. I wasn't going to buy this dress at first as I thought the fit may not be the best (my body and shirt style items from Primark don't generally mix) but when I actually got home and put it on it was PERFECT. So much so I will go back and buy the tropical print one which I almost bought instead of this yellow number. At £13 it's such a light and floaty fit for summer and can also be worn with tights and a proper cardigan when the weather gets chilly again. It's a lovely fit with or without a belt, but being a pear shape I find swing style dresses look a little more flattering when you take them in at the waist, otherwise I end up looking about 3 sizes bigger than I am. If you do eye up this shirt dress from Primark though, be aware that it is slightly sheer, so you will need to get some kind of long vest/slip dress for underneath too. I've not had these two strap sandals from Plantas off my feet since I've had them. At first I was a little concerned that they wouldn't stay on my feet after the disaster of the faux Birkenstocks I showed over on my instagram the other week. But it seems two straps are better than one and with the addition of a velcro fastening on the leopard print Muriel sandal (buy online here) they feel ultra secure on my little pig trotter feet. Not only that but the actual sole itself it SO comfortable. I've tried some Birks on at work and the pre moulded shape of the sole just doesn't fit my foot properly, but the Plantas Muriel sandal is just the right amount of molded shape without intricate and odd shaped parts in it, so fits my foot perfectly. I can also never resist a touch of leopard print. It's my guilty pleasure.

Fashion blog outfit of the day on Hello Terri Lowe featuring TK Maxx, Primark and Plantas shoes.
Fashion blog outfit of the day on Hello Terri Lowe featuring TK Maxx, Primark and Plantas shoes.

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  1. I love the outfit, it looks great x

  2. Love the lace cardigan,would love to swish around in this! Xx

    Hips Like Cinderella

  3. Sandals twins for life yo! I love maxi kimonos, this one is a beaut and a real bargain!

    Tara x


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