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I ❤ Make Up – Make Up Revolution Sister Brand Review

New releases to add definition, colour and glamour to your make up bag!

Blog Review of I Heart Make Up - Sister brand to budget beauty brand Make Up Revolution on UK beauty blog.

Make Up Revolution reviews seem to be popping up here, there and everywhere at the moment don’t they? And with such a vast array of products being released almost weekly it’s not a complete surprise! Being part of their blogger outreach is pleasure within itself, but today I received what I believe to be the best products to date, and I couldn’t be more smitten. For those not in the beauty know – I ❤ Make Up is the sister brand of Make Up Revolution. It appears to be aimed at a slightly younger or more ‘fun loving’ demographic, but each product still maintains superb quality for the price tag. You can buy the entire Make Up Revolution and I Heart Make Up range online here, but they are set to be available in Superdrug stores in the very near future. 
The first product to wow me from the I ❤ Make Up range is the Definition palette in Fair. The set is available in ‘fair’ and ‘medium’ for £4.99, and each one comes with a handy little mirror in the lid too. Being a pale faced girl, I do find it hard to find shades to ‘contour’ with without looking like I’d smudged poop on my face or like I’m practising for the next series of RuPaul’s Drag Race. The I ❤ Make Up Definition kit  in fair contains 3 shades perfect for pale ladies to get their contour on though. All powder based, it contains a light bronzer, a peachy toned blusher and a slightly shimmering pinky tone highlight, which are all the perfect tones to define those cheekbones (or lack of in my case). I’ve been whining lately because I think my ‘soft features’ (read; chubby cheeks) are part of what is making me look younger than my years, so this contour kit has landed at just the right time. I’m no expert at doing this contour technique that everyone seems to have perfected, but the way I do it is by using a small blusher brush to apply the bronze underneath the cheekbones, then another small blusher brush to dust the apples of my cheeks with the blusher, and then I just use my finger to dot the highlighter along the top of my cheeks (cheekbones to every one else). I then get a soft kabuki brush and blend it all in to blur the application and make it look as natural as possible. 
The second kit which tickled my fancy was the Brows and Eyes Kit from I ❤ Make Up. A handy little compact which contains 4 eyeshadows, 2 brow shades, 1 brow tint, a highlighter and a little application brush with some tweezers thrown in too! The eyeshadow shades are right up my street, as I don’t tend to go for bold colours at all. But the brow colours are a little too much of a mucky brown shade for me personally. I know the darker one will look fine when I use it, but the lighter one almost boarders on the greenish side to me?! With my hair being a copper/red shade, I do like my brows to echo that too! So usually I will steer towards brow kits which do have a reddish tone to them. However, this will be great to take to festivals and weekends away as it’s your essentials in one little set and saves valuable room in your make up bag! 
Finally, we have another handy kit which will save some room in your make up bag in the form of the ‘I Am Powerful’ eye shadow and lipstick set. It contains a range of eyeshadows which are perfect to create a smokey eye look, alongside lighter shades which can be used alone for a more subtle style. The ‘I Am Powerful’ kit contains 4 shimmery shades with 2 matte eyeshadows in a creamy white and dusky lilac-grey. Unfortunately I did struggle to get the lipstick out of the packaging itself, so had to use some brute force (and a sharp object) to prise it out. Once out I found that I was rather impressed with this sultry berry shade of lipstick, which looked like it would be shimmery and sheer in the bullet, but applied opaque with a subtle sheen. Costing £5.99 it’s quite good value, but the packaging issue does still need to be ironed out to make it perfect!

Blog Review of I Heart Make Up - Sister brand to budget beauty brand Make Up Revolution on UK beauty blog.
Blog Review of I Heart Make Up - Sister brand to budget beauty brand Make Up Revolution on UK beauty blog.
Blog Review of I Heart Make Up - Sister brand to budget beauty brand Make Up Revolution on UK beauty blog.
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