Simple Style: Midi and Maxi

French connection dress on british fashion blog

Do you ever have those weeks where you just feel completely run down and blergh, but then you recieve/buy a load of pretty things and suddenly life is ok? I think that’s my week so far. After having such a alcohol filled chaotic weekend at Sonisphere and Wireless, I just haven’t felt very healthy or very happy. I’ve been a right sluggish grumpt! But it was more than worth it. From slumming it in practical attire for a majority of my week at work, I was super excited to rip open this beautiful floral French Connection dress* today when I got home! I’ve not had a ditsy print garment in my life for a few years and this dress reminded me why I love a good bit of floral so much – it just instantly lifts your mood when you see such a pretty pattern! I’ve been staying away from patterns for a few months now, in a bid to try and look older. I don’t know why I’m assuming it’s patterns which make me look like a child, but it’s a good place to start (although I definitely know it’s these chubby cheeks and generally kid like face which makes me appear so young). Because this dress is a shirt dress rather than my trusty skater style I usually opt for, it almost has a more grown up edge to it, but still remains cute with the rounded collar and floaty skirt. It’s a midi length too, so comes just below my knees, which makes it perfect for every day wear during warmer days with my new New Look Sandals. Although on the French Connection website (here) it’s shows as being above the knee on the model, but maybe she’s extra tall and I’m really short?! Who knows! Either way, it’s perfect for this time of year.  I have been wearing a beloved maxi dress during the warmer weather to save fake tanning my legs, so a midi length acts as a good compromise for mixing it up a little bit whilst also being a little lazy avoiding tanning regimes! 
French connection dress, new look sandals, nica bag on british fashion blog
French connection dress, new look sandals, nica bag on british fashion blog
I spotted these sandals the other day when I shopping for ‘sensible’ items for festivals (I did buy a raincoat and some jelly boots too!) but I couldn’t help throwing these in to my basket. Sandals like this are perfect for wearing with either tights or bare foot. I usually can’t wear any shoes (apart from sandals) without tights or socks,  but this style I always find super comfortable and can wear all day without getting too warm or getting any blisters! I must admit, I was expecting them to be a bit heavier, as I assumed the heel/sole was wooden, but it’s just moulded plastic. That doesn’t really detract from the shoe though and they also have a cushioned section on the heel which adds extra comfort! They’re just the right heel height too, as they give you a little lift, but are still kinda flat. They’re kinda the perfect all rounder sandal shoe. I’ve not had them off since I got them! My good bloggy friend Victoria gave me the adorable Nica bag last time she came to visit. I was eyeing the exact same one up in TK Maxx and glad I didn’t invest now when I have such a good pal. I love it because it has SO MANY POCKETS in it. It’s got a section for everything and also matches the colour of my new sandals pretty darn well too. The lace maxi cardigan is something I have been debating buying for weeks, and initially I wanted a crochet duster cardi, but it’s one of those things I wasn’t sure if I would wear so didn’t really want to spend too much on one. I think I’d just been reading Sara Waiste’s blog too much and wanted to be her or something. This is from TK Maxx (my favourite shop ever) and only cost £16.99. I love how floaty and light it is! And it seems to go a little better with the midi length of the dress than I thought it would.
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