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There's nowt I like better than a bloody good narrative in a product, and Anatomicals have got the cheeky chops persona down to a T. They shake off all the pretentiousness of skin care rivals by combining quirky quotes on their colourful packaging with a budget price tag and damn fine products inside. From shower gels to lip balms - there's a vast array of products with loads of personality in between. I always eye them up over on the ASOS beauty section  mainly for the price tag. One of their more 'expensive' products comes in the form of Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer (I'm sure I don't need to expand on the inspiration for that name from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, no?) and will set you back 6 whole English pounds. They're little under eye patches you whack on to make your peepers look fresh after a heavy night or two. Enriched with moisturisers and collagen, you get three goes in a pack at getting your eyes revived and alive again. You simply take them out of the individual sealed packages and pop them under your eyes on the puffy part which appears when you've had a few too many gin infused evenings, leave them for 30 minutes to work their magic and then wooosh your eyes are good to go and you look all doe eyed and beautiful again. My eyes never seem to get puffy underneath, but I do tend to get dark circles and a few crinkles, and although these don't instantly solve that little problem, they do feel oh-so-nice and cooling whilst on. 

World Pore 3 don't appear to be available on UK sites at the moment (from a very quick google I gather this, I'm not the Sherlock Holmes of skin care or anything) but they're a product you're probably already quite familiar with. They are basically those sticky pore strips which you pop on your nose, chin or forehead to remove grim and dirt from your pores. I'm not overly keen on using these, as for my skin they seem ineffective and I must prefer a chemical exfoliant such as Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Pads to clear my pores of grossness. But alas, for the purposes of blogging I have given them a whirl this evening. For some reason the strips remained sticky for a very long time and didn't really pull much crap out of my skin, but alas, I can live with that for the quirky packaging and descriptions on the box itself. What can I say? I'm fickle like that.

Finally we have the Oi You Throbhead Headache Balm, which is a similar concept to headache remedies such as '4head' (that little stick you rub on your head to get rid of a headache without taking any actual tablets). This little pot contains a strong mentholated balm which is enriched with lavender and peppermint oils which actually smell a lot more relaxing than the description depicts. You simply rub it on your temples and pulse points and relax that headache out of you noggin. Even though I didn't have a headache I decided to live on the EDGE and rub it on me little head anyway, just to see what happened. It was so cooooooooling and nice, it actually was rather relaxing. I'm going to pop this in my bag for the next time life stresses me out and I need to go to the bogs for a small weep away from folk, as the scent itself is quite uplifting. 

Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Review

Anatomicals Oi You Throbhead Review

Have you tried Anatomicals?
What's your favourite product or pun?

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  1. hahaha I like the names... throbhead

  2. I used to love their caffeine patches but I don't think they make them anymore. They were called something like snoozers are losers.


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