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Make Up Revolution Skin Care Review

Defence Antibacterial Primer + Attack Anti Bacterial Face Wash

Make Up Revolution Skin Care Review  Defence Antibacterial Primer + Attack Anti Bacterial Face Wash

Another day, another release from the Make Up Revolution range. This time they are dipping their toes in to the ocean of skin care, in the form of this anti bacterial spot fighting duo. When it comes to anti blemish and spot reducing products my skin is very temperamental. I have a dry complexion which somehow still manages to be spot prone and I generally find that I need to avoid cream based face washes and any moisturisers which are targeted at spot prone skin. I find skincare for spot prone skin really strips all the moisture from my face and ultimately make me more spotty as my skin's oil is over compensating for erm, well, having non left. Because of this I opt for gel formula cleansers and face washes combined with an oil as a moisturiser. People who do have spots should really not be scared of oils and since using them I've found my face has been clearer than ever. But I digress. Back to the Make Up Revolution Skincare range. The idea behind these two products is simple: You use the Make Up Revolution Defence Anti Bacterial Serum and Primer (which you can buy online here) to moisturise your face both in the evening and in the day time. and then the Make Up Revolution Attack Anti Bacterial Face Wash (here) to wash and cleanse your face. In the day the Serum and Primer is perfect to be used as a primer under your make up and I found it to be non sticky, smooth and makes your skin slightly more soft. I did find that due to the creamy-ish serum formula I didn't see any reduction in spots, but in the same breath I didn't 'grow' any more. It simply left the nature of my skin the same really. I've no complaints over the product, but it didn't do anything too exciting with regards to my spots. The face wash I unfortunately found to be very drying, after only one usage of both products I found I developed a really dry chin and forehead. This is due to my skin though, as I have seen good reviews of these products from people with oily skin. I did have a bad experience with the Glam Glow face mask a while ago because it stripped my skin, yet everyone else found it to be amazing, so I do think that my face does lean on the dry side naturally. Personally, I couldn't recommend this duo but I could fully recommend a number of other make up products from the Make Up Revolution brand. This includes pretty much all of their eyeshadow palettes, and I use the Iconic 1 palette on a daily basis now after not using eyeshadow at all in the daytime previously! I do prefer the serum to the face wash and have continued to use it as a primer on occasion, but I won't be using the face wash in future and have donated it to an oily skinned friend to see what she thinks. So if you'd like an update from that tweet me.

UPDATE FROM THE OILY SKINNED FRIEND:  She's really enjoying both of these products and is using them on a daily basis. Her skin went really horrible after over dosing on La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo - which seemed to dry her skin completely out and give her all these little weird spots in replacement of the old spots. After a few days using both the Attack and Defence products from Make Up Revolution, her skin is already a lot clearer and healthy looking. So it just goes to show that what does work for one doesn't always work for the other! Interested how your FACE works isn't it?

Have you tried these two?
What are your favourite Make Up Revolution products so far?

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  1. I understand completely the temperamental skin which could act up by using specific acne products. Pity that these didn't do that much positive for your skin.

    1. I know, I was really excited but on the plus side my friend has had great results!


Thanks for the comment!

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