Beauty Bargains: Wilko Kiss Range

Budget Beauty Buys: Blog review of the Kiss range from Wilko stores including Primer, BB Cream and Radiance Balm.

At the moment I am procrastinating in between organising my flat and packing for Leeds Festival which I go to on Thursday. When you're soooo busy and rushed what better time is there to do a blog post, huh? Aaaaah. I wanted to blog so much this week, but alas, I simply haven't had the time, so I hope you appreciate this super quick post to tell you even more about that budget beauty range called 'Kiss' which you can find at your local Wilkinsons store. It seemed my last blog post which was a review of the Kiss Light Reflecting Primer from Wilko tickled a few of your fancies a bit, so here's a sneaky peak at the rest of the range. Each product is priced at the super affordable cost of £4 per product, and I didn't see anything which was more than that. I managed to get each of these for £2(!!) each though, as they had mislabelled the shelf, whoooops. I only went in to buy the Kiss Blemish Balm, as when I cheekily tried it on the back of my hand on a previous visit it seemed like the perfect colour match for my slightly pale face. When I've got home and tried it, it definitely is a good colour match, but the coverage isn't quite what I would have liked it to be. It's OK for work days as a daily alternative to a heavy foundation, and you can build it up slightly. Oh, what can I even complain about? It was £2! It's just nothing to write home about and if you've tried any BB cream in the past then you can expect the same from this - it's moisturising, simple to use for a light coverage and also contains SPF.  

I then couldn't resist the Kiss Good To Glow Radiant Energy Balm.  This is just like Soap and Glory Hocus Focus, but less shimmery and thick and more light and dewy (and definitely more of a runny liquid than a balm). Once again, this contains SPF so perfect as a base for your foundation or used alone to provide you with a nice radiant complexion. It's really nice under your regular foundation to add an even tone and can be used as a primer on it's own really, but I have been layering it over the Kiss Primer and then using the Blemish Balm alongside some dabs of concealer. For someone who has gone from heavy coverage foundations, which I always used to 'set' with another foundation powder, I almost feel like this is an accomplishment to go for such a lightweight selection of products! Whilst I was there I also grabbed the Kiss Foaming Cleanser, which is pretty much what it says on the bottle; a face wash, which foams and removes your make up. I was sceptical about whether or not this would remove eyeliner and mascara and the likes, but it works a treat! I also did a quick swish around my chops with a micellar water soaked cotton wool pad and there was little to no trace of make up left. Which can't be bad for £2 can it? Since using this combination of products (which is just over a week now) I've not had any spot break outs and my skin has been incredibly soft. As they are budget products I'm not 100% sure about what 'experts' would say about the ingredients, but I've pictured them below so you can just judge for yourself. 

At the end of the day: If you're after an affordable range of beauty products in pretty packaging which (for me) make your skin fresh, soft and also contain SPF then the Kiss range from Wilkinson stores is gonna be your kinda thing. And for £2-£4 a go, there's really not much to lose. You can find them all online here.

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  1. Definitely going to have to check out my local store to see if they have these in stock!

    1. I think the Primer is my favourite product so far still, but worth giving other things a try just for the price!

  2. Heading to Wilko this weekend for sure!


Thanks for the comment!

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