Simple Style: Sassy Sequin Sparkle Princess

I'm so pleased to see that Hidden Fashion have now reinstated free delivery!! I know, the prices did go up a bit when they did that, but I feel much better about spending the money on the product rather than the delivery costs! I bought this amazing sparkly green sequin dress last week for a night out for Victoria's birthday because I basically fancied being Princess Sparkle for the evening, and I couldn't resist the cut little cut out boots either. Unfortunately the dress does seem to be out of stock online now, booo, but you can still find the boots here. I am pretty much bankrupt at the moment, so websites like Hidden Fashion with a bounty of bargain bootie to be had are the best thing ever to make me feel a little bit better about life in general without spending too much! Alas, if I did have the money I would have accessorised this outfit with something a little more than a fake mulberry clutch and splashed out on a few extra bits and bobs to make my outfit look extra snazzy. I mean, how perfectly would that Michael Kors ladies watch look in that rose gold tone against the sequins? It would look pretty perfect indeed. Because the shade of green of the dress is quite an emerald tone without looking like Christmas it's really easy to pop on black or gold in any tone to jazz it all up a bit - obviously keeping the jewellery and accessories a bit more simple so you don't look like you're going a bit *too* over the top. Although watching so much RuPaul's Dragrace does seem to have had a big effect on my 'style' recently and I've found myself even more drawn to sequins, glitz and glitter than ever! 

Find the dress and boots at Hidden Fashion here
Accessories via Asos
Michael Kors Watch from Watches2u
Sassy style my own
*please excuse the awful editing of that picture. Chromebook's are not the one for that kinda thang.

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