The Best Primer I’ve Ever Tried

Beauty blog review of the Kiss Smoothing Light Reflecting Primer from Wilkinsons beauty section, UK.

What was I saying about wanting to dilute the beauty based blog posts? Guh. Turns out that’s kind of hard when you pop in to your local Wilko store and find out they have a revamped beauty section with loads of affordable goodies on show. As well as a shed load of reduced items (seriously, pop in to your local Wilkinsons store and have a gander!) they also had a few budget brands I’d never heard of, such as the ‘Skin’ range. My friend picked up the tea tree serum the other day from the Skin range and reckon it’s really good, so for £2 a pop I’ll be giving that one a whirl myself as I simply cannot resist a good spotty chops product. 
Amongst my haul of bargain joy (which included some Maybelline Superstay lip tint reduced to £3, which I’ve been eyeing up in Boots for ages!) I picked up the Kiss Light Reflecting Primer for £4. As usual, I was a complete sucker for some eye catching packaging, and this little range looked like my kinda thang. It has some nice quirky fonts going on and is that busy but pretty design; and when I read the actual ingredients it seemed pretty good. I usually don’t bother looking at primer’s or branching out buying new ones that often, as it always disgruntles me to pay out so much for something with goes UNDER my make up. Quite often they’re more expensive than the foundation’s I use anyway, so I really do begrudge paying it. Not to mention that quite often gel formula primers leave me so spotty, they’re just not worth it. But anyway, the Kiss Primer from Wilko’s is possibly (definitely) the best primer I have ever bought. 
Beauty blog review of the Kiss Smoothing Light Reflecting Primer from Wilkinsons beauty section, UK.
Boasting Vitamin E, Apricot oil and Baobab oil, not only does this silky primer leave you with super soft skin when you use it, but it’s a softness which lasts even after you’ve washed your face! Last night I even went  to bed without moisturising to see what would happen, and in the morning there was no trace of dryness – and my skin is usually quite prone to drying out. I wouldn’t go without moisturising in future though, this was simply a test to see if the smoothness of my face was all in my IMAGINATION, but it wasn’t. The formula of the primer itself it lovely. It makes your skin softer than Maybelline Baby Skin Primer, but also gives a lovely matt yet fresh appearance. It’s a creamy, velvet, gel like consistency with a slight pinkish tint on your hand, but one which diffuses on the face. When you come to apply your foundation over the primer it applies effortlessly and doesn’t go all cloggy or gross like primers such as Benefit Porefessional tend to go. It gives a smooth finish and also evens out those pesky little under eye wrinkles. I know some people may be put off by the addition of ‘Silica spheres’ in the primer, as silicone is renowned for not letting the skin breath and breaking people out in spots, but even though I am incredibly spot prone I’ve not yet had any spots as a result of using this primer. But if you’re worried about the use of silicone/silica in products then this page might be more useful than my own experience, as everyone’s skin is completely different! 
There were a few more products that caught my eye in the Kiss range at Wilkinsons, and they were all £4! So I will definitely be heading back to pick up some more things. The Radiant Energy Balm in particular tickled my fancy as it reminded me of a creamier version of Soap and Glory Hocus Focus, but for less than half the price and with SPF too! I can’t find any more information about the brand ‘Kiss’ anywhere, but the back of the packaging says that the range is made exclusively for Wilko stores in the UK. So you’ll have to head there to check it out in the flesh.