A Love Affair With…. Erm, Some Trousers

When I went to Leeds festival a few weeks ago, I took my all time favourite trousers/leggings (I think people in the know call these treggings). They were one of only 3 pairs I own and actually wear. They were nice thick, stretchy material and hugged in all the right places, and had a nice big faux leather panel on the sides to make me all edgy looking and stuff. Long story short; the zip on the back got stuck in my cheap primark pants and my friend tried to un-stick them but ended up ripping the zip and trousers most of the way down my butt. There was a picture on Instagram somewhere…. Since the death of these amazing trousers I’ve been scouring the internet for another pair. They were originally from H&M for £12.99 and they were special because the zip at the back meant I could squeeze in them perfectly. H&M restocked the same style, but without the zip and I couldn’t pull them past my thighs! Alas, the search is over though. H&M have a ‘grown up’ version of the treggings that once were, and they’re what I’m wearing in these pictures – hurrah!  (you can find them online here) They came a bit above my original budget of £15 (based on the previous purchase) and ended up costing £24.99. But they were worth every. single. penny.
You can dress them up or down, as the style is really versatile. They look good either with heels, trainers, or these amazingly comfortable FitFlop F-Pop Loafers. I tried these F-Pops on at my old job and my awesome colleagues bought them for me as a leaving present because I wouldn’t stop going on about how comfortable they were! They have a nice patent panel at the front and the sides are strokable pony hair. Honestly, if you see these in a shop, give you feet a treat. It’s a game changer when you feel how comfortable they are!
Anyway, back to the trousers. They’re a lovely smooth thick jersey material, with a slightly thinner panel of fake leather on the sides. The zip situation is slightly different with these ones, and they have the fastening on the front. Being such an inefficient blogger I actually haven’t pictured that part of the trousers. Even though it is probably the most important part of them. I can never find trousers which fit both my hips and my waist as the ratio around those parts is ridiculous (the measurement of my waist is a size 6/8 according to charts and my hips are a 12, FYI) but with this style and material I have found the perfect fit. So if you have the difficulties of a pear shape when it comes to buying trousers, I urge you to go in to H & M and try a pair of these on!
Trousers and Cardigan – H&M
Shoes – Fitflop