Chunky Patent Primark Shoes

primark chunky heel patent shoes with buckle, british fashion blog
Just a quick snappy snap/blog post of my brand new fancy black patent shoes from Primark, which I picked up this weekend. Both me and my friend walked past the Manchester store on Saturday when it was closed, and both expressed awe at the exact same time when we saw these shoes in the window. They come in both black patent and a nice pale pink. I really loved the pale pink ones with their contrasting black sole, but opted for the black because I thought I’d get more wear from them in general life. They’re perfect with either trousers or with skirts and tights, and the high platform means they’re a bit more comfortable than regular heels of the same height. They fasten with a nice chunky buckle and adjustable strap and the grip on the bottom is nice and sturdy too! Although saying this, they’re not quite as stable under foot as you’d think and I did have a slight wobble when I first put them on (but I was, for some reason, walking along cobbles).  I think they just take a bit of getting used to if you’re not used to heels with a platform this size on them. They’re also quite springy and make me walk a bit more like ‘Mr Soft’ than usual. But who cares if I walk a bit weird when I look so stylish, eh. You will notice I’m wearing pretty much the same outfit as what I was in my blog post the other day, but I did tell you I LOVED these trousers more than anything in the world, so shhhhh.
For the bargain price of £14, they’re well worth the investment for either work or nights out. They do seem the type of thing which will sell out quickly though, as after searching through the thousands of pairs of size 8’s for half an hour, I finally nabbed the only pair of size 5’s I could see! 
primark chunky heel patent shoes with buckle, british fashion blog