Clean and Simple Home Style

One of the downsides of living in your own place is that you only have yourself to please when it comes to keeping the place tidy. I’ve explained many times to my mother that when you work full time and don’t have any one else to lend a hand towards tidying up, you can be excused to letting your home become a bit of a mess every now and again. It really does annoy me so much when it’s messy, but the last thing you want to do after working all day is to do yet more ‘work’ at home. Weekends are for socialising and week nights are for relaxing. I would love to live in a home which manages itself though, something clean, simple and clutter free. I’m torn between a cluttered, shabby chic aesthetic, whilst also wanting it to look open and simple. In an ideal world the two styles would work hand in hand, but yeah, they really don’t. Just imagine coming home to a comfortable white sofa like this one (which wasn’t covered in cat hairs) and lighting a fresh scented candle whilst putting your feet up and enjoying your surroundings. Simple accessories like that adorable cat pillow to snuggle up with, alongside fresh flowers and statement decor. I’m almost starting to sound like a girl here. Now I seem to be at work a lot more time than I was before, I’m really starting to appreciate home comforts even more. I’m slowly but surely filtering through my flat to become more organised and keep it tidy,  but alas, I’m a hoarder on the inside and this process is very hard.