Essence Products – The Hits.

Beauty blog review of Essence make up products in the UK. Now available at Wilkinson stores.

Essence Make Up has been in the UK for a few months now, and I was lucky enough to get to go to their launch event in Manchester. The event was amazing and we got to fill up our own goodie bags with whatever we wanted from the Essence make up stand at the back of the room. It was literally a beauty bloggers dream come true. Obviously I picked up quite the selection of products that I’ve slowly but surely been sifting my way through, so I thought it was about time I should share my hit and miss products so far. With Essence it seems there are some spectacular products but also some which can be left out of your make up bag, but what I love I really love and what I don’t like is just a bit meh for one reason or another. If you like the sound of any of the products mentioned you can pick them up by either visiting your local Wilkinson Store or by shopping online here. I won’t link every product either, as that would just be a bit pointless when there’s so many and you can probably just find them on the Wilko site yourself (ok, that’s just an excuse, I’m lazy). Also, some of the items aren’t actually online anyway, so if you’re in the Manchester area you can visit the Essence stand outside the Wilko store inside the Arndale Centre.

Let’s start with the hits in this post then! Keep a look out for the next blog post about Essence which will be about the ‘miss’ products in the range:

I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara: This mascara is akin to the popular Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara, which was probably one of the best mascara’s I tried when it came out a while ago. Although the formula itself the wand was quick bulky and therefore made applying it a bit clumsy. The Essence I Love Extreme mascara is very similar in formula and gives you thick, black lashes in one swoop, but the wand is a lot thinner and more of a comb than a brush. If you’re a fan of Scandaleyes then you will love this.
Essence Gel Eyeliner: I always steer clear of pencil eye liners because no matter which ones I use they always seem to transfer over to the top lid. I think my eyelids are just too big or something? But regardless of that, the Essence gel eyeliner is almost good enough not to do this (on me). I imagine people who don’t have the problem with eyeliner transferring would LOVE this. It’s an opaque black and glides on effortlessly. Not pictured is the Essence Liquid Ink eyeliner which I’ve been using daily. I never go without my trusty liquid eye liner and the essence one lasts all day and is once again an opaque black formula.
Eye Sorbet and Big Eyes Eye Pencil: A combo which is perfect for waking up tired, dull eyes. Apply the Big Eyes pencil to the waterline to instantly take away any tiredness and brighten up your peepers. It’s a really soft crayon in a really pale pink, almost white, shade. Combine this with a dab of the pale pink eye sorbet in the inside corners of your eyes and you look awake and fresh with minimal efforts. The eye sorbet I imagined would have been like the Maybelline Eye Tattoo in formula, but it’s not. It’s a really sheer, shimmery, creamy product which acts as an excellent base either used alone or dabbed on for a bright eyed look. Both are a saviour for when you have a hangover too!
Essence Nail Varnishes: You can’t fault the price and colour range in the Essence nail varnish range (well, apart from the ones I do fault in the ‘miss’ products coming up). The Colour and Go nail polishes are my favourites in the range as they’re quick to dry and the colour ‘hello spring’ is ideal for summery days. And wintery days too, because it’s pretty much my favourite colour ever anyway. Opaque in two coats, the Essence Colour & Go varnishes are perfect for a quick fix nail job, or even better for creating fancy nail art with their fast drying formula. The glitter top coats come in a variety of finishes, each one on trend and full of sparkles.
Essence Make Up Brushes: Being a person who never uses many make up brushes (because I just don’t like the quality of cheaper ones and am too tight to splash out on expensive ones) it’s refreshing to find affordable ones which are actually REALLY good. These two brushes featured are super soft and there’s no fall out from the bristles. The blusher brush is slightly slanted so great for a subtle contour or colouring the apples of your cheeks and I use the kabuki blush for an all over powder/highlighter. Both are soft enough to complete your make up with powders without shifting any of your foundation, yet high enough quality to pick up enough product to transfer to your skin well.
Soft Touch Mousse Foundation: I know this isn’t a product for everyone as there appears to be a distinct disdain for mousse foundations, but we won’t go in to that. This is a great foundation for speeding up your make up routine in the mornings. I use this week days for my work FACE as it’s so quick and simple to use. Simply blended in with your fingers, it’s hard to go wrong even when you’re in a rush. The colour match is perfect and it’s not quite as drying as the Maybelline Matte Mousse foundation. Just make sure you use a nice moisturising primer to keep any dryness at bay.
There are, of course, so many more products which are excellent in the Essence range, but so good I am dedicating a blog post specifically to them (well, one of them anyway, so keep a look out for that if you’re interested). As mentioned, some of these products aren’t going to be for everyone – But that’s the thing with make up, right? Some people love stuff and some people don’t. 
What are your favourite Essence products?
Stay tuned for the next beauty blog post which is all about the ‘miss’ products from the UK range!