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Some Friday nights I like to feel like I'm The Great Gatsby, by playing host in my little one bed flat before we go out for an evening of dancing to Stevie Nicks. With my flat being quite small and with me being the hostess with the most-est and letting my friends stay over, it can quite often be a struggle for space. I only really have room for 3 people maximum to stay at mine and that's if one person shacks up with me in my bed. With this in mind, whenever I buy a new thing for my place, I try and make sure it's multifunctional or can at least look pretty or be stored away inbetween someone using it to kip for the night. I do have a giant beanbag which is super comfy to sleep on, but if you get a wriggler sleeping on it, it can be pretty noisy!! Alas, my dream is to one day have a day bed in my living room which can be dressed up as a sofa on evenings it's not being used, but also be used as an actual bed for someone to sleep on! I love the shabby chic styling of them too, as they're often in white metal. It would also make a pretty nice bed for Kitty in between human use too. My philosophy is you can never have enough cushions or blankets. Blankets are easier to store away than big duvets or sleeping bags, and I actually use some of mine to cover my ugly storage heaters when they're not being used. If you don't live in your own place yet, be prepared to develop an obsession with cushions. Especially when you get your first place solo, and have to have a hand me down sofa, cushions are a cheap, comfy and cute way to get things more to your personal style effortlessly! 

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  1. I'm such a cushion freak - particularly now I've started making them with leftover dress fabrics. I have a chaise in my living room which works well as a bed for guests - which is good, because my spare room is my wardrobe instead of being a bedroom.

    1. Ah I kind of want to take up making things again I'm so jealous of all your hand crafted dresses (and now your cushions!)


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