Living Room Window Shopping

It’s that time of the week where I’ve bankrupted myself yet again by paying for really boring things. Like car tax and paying my electric bill. So what better time to depress myself even more by doing some further online window shopping. After the lusting after a Gothic themed bedroom, it seems to make sense to make my home consistent – with a brightly coloured, colour clashed living room (detect the sarcasm). Unlike a bedroom your living room should be a bit more welcoming for visitors (well, unless you’re in a particular line of work, haha) and there’s nothing I love more than mixing colour up, a lot. When you rent a place it’s always easier to keep the walls the boring plain white the landlord painted it and add splashes of colour around it, and I love the contrasting colours of the sofa and chair in the ‘mood board’ above! Add a bold bright pink table to act as a centre piece, but keep a traditional edge with an Oak Display Cabinet, which I would fill with my Kid Robot collection. Oak furniture feels like a proper investment for grown ups, and at least you know it’s not ‘disposable’ furniture like the bargain bits you pick up from Ikea and the like. The amount of Ikea wardrobes and drawers I’ve got through because they were cheap at the time. I bet if I added up the amount I’ve bought and broken I could of just bought stuff that would have lasted a lifetime instead anyway!
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