Mojito for Breakfast

Hello Mouthwash in Mojito Mint from Boots UK Review
I spotted the Hello range of Mouthwash in Boots a few months ago when it was launched and was instantly drawn to the fancy pants bottle designs. I’m not generally a mouthwash user though as I hate how it stays in my mouth for hours after I’ve used it. I also hate the harsh burning sensation and just everything about mouthwash in general to be honest. I’ve tried a few mouthwashes before, from the devil’s liquid which is Corsodyl to the alcohol free options from Colgate, and I’ve not found one I have liked. But is the Hello Mouthwash a game changer to my mouth care routine? Well let’s see. The first thing I LOVE about the Hello range of products is the branding. It’s cute, it’s got a friendly narrative and their website is distinctly more attractive than most mouthwash brands. But design and my penchant for a good narrative aside, let’s do some Hello Mouthwash reviews and make this blog post worthwhile.
Now obviously, the first thing you’re gonna take in to account with this mouthwash is the flavour – Mojito Mint. Is there anything more appealing to get you going in the morning than a mojito? It’s your own personal protest against having to get up at 7am for work every day, to taste a limey concoction which usually contains alcohol before you set off. Alas, the Hello Mouthwashes don’t contain any alcohol, which avoids that harsh burning sensation you usually get. The obvious, overpowering menthol factor is still presence, but as I mentioned it doesn’t BURRRRNNN. The taste is slightly lime, very mint, and extremely refreshing and nice. In fact, this is a mouthwash game changer for me, as I’ve actually used it every morning and night since I got it, which is rare for me to do with any product. It’s not too zesty, but you get just the right amount of citrus kick to start your day off in a slightly less potent way. It also doesn’t leave a lingering strong flavour in your mouth for too long so you can actually eat within about 10 minutes of using it and things will taste fine. The pocket sized breath sprays are SO DAMN CUTE, the only thing that would make them better is if they had some kind of keyring on them to attach to your bag or something. The little pink one is Pink Grapefruit and it does have that slightly bitter taste of grapefruit, as you’d expect, because that’s what flavour it is – duh. But it once again, has that mentholated effect which freshens your mouth instantly. Although it’s pink grapefruit in flavour, unless you knew you probably wouldn’t know, as it’s over all more of a bitter mint taste. But ultimately that’s what you want in a breath spray; something which freshens your mouth and eradicates death breath in one spray, and that’s what this little beauty does.
Hello Breathspray in Pink Grapefruit from Boots UK Review

You can pick up Hello Mouthwash at Boots online
It comes in three flavours and cost £5.99 each. If I would pay full price I am unsure, but that’s mainly because I’m not usually a mouthwash user. After I’ve gotten used to it with one I finally like though that’s probably going to change! I have noticed it on offer for around £2.99 since it’s release so keep an eye out! 
You can find the Hello Breath Spray at Boots too here