New Lipsticks: Loves Loathes and Likes

Dermacol Longlasting Lipstick (Shade: 06) – I absolutely love this shade of lipstick – a pinkish red with a slightly berry-esque undertone. My blog pal Tereza got it me from her travels to the Czech Republic, so it’s not available to buy openly in the UK, but everything I have tried from Dermacol so far has been wonderful. I think the price point is around the same as Essence Make Up, which is another European brand I quite like! This lovely lip stick is a nice matte finish, which lasts for hours but doesn’t dry your lips. It reminds me of the standard Illamasqua lipsticks with it’s kind of ‘hard’ formula, but this is much easier to apply and feels a little like the MUA matte lipsticks, which granted, you can pick up for £1 in Superdrug but their packaging is nowhere near as pretty as this Dior-like ‘click to release’ design.
Make Up Revolution Amazing Lipstick (Shade: Depraved) – I was after a dark purple lipstick for a while, and for a £1 each how can you really go wrong with a Make Up Revolution lipstick? You kind of can’t… Until you try the shade ‘Depraved’  and realise that with your skin tone it just makes you look like a corpse. It’s not the first time I’ve tried a purple coloured lipstick, but it is the first time I’ve bought one this darker shade of the colour. I really like the formula, the price, the packaging and pretty much everything else about it; but the colour? It just wasn’t meant to be on me. But I’m definitely going to invest a few more £1’s here and there in some more shades from the Make Up Revolution lipstick range. I think a shade such as ‘Crime’  would suit me a lot better as it’s a nice pinkish tone, rather than the applying as the tone of the deceased on me.
Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm (Shade: Striking Spectaculaire) – I never bought in to the Revlon Balm/Lipstick/Chubby Balm dupe hype really and this is the first one I’ve tried in the range (from my recollection, I may have tried them and they’ve just slipped my mind!). But I have to say, I absolutely love this one! It applies a lovely bold coral-y tone and lasts for hours. I applied it in the morning before I headed to work and even after lunch it was still there, although slightly faded, but still it was there! It leaves your lips feeling nice and soft with no drying out and when you first put it on it’s a nice refreshing, almost minty sensation. For £7.99 it’s an affordable price, and Revlon products are always on some kind of offer in Boots, so they’re worth checking out if you’re after a low maintenance lip colour for daily wear.

Maybelline 24 Bold Matte (Shade: Fire Corail) – Oh good god. If you can pull off a orange lip colour I salute you. As soon as I applied this I realised how YELLOW it made my teeth look. I know my teeth aren’t exactly the brightest of white, but it was like I’d been painting them with Sunny D. The formula was matte, yet sticky and it didn’t apply evenly at all. I didn’t even crack out the ‘balm’ side of it because I wanted it off my lips as soon as possible. But could I get it off? NO. It was stuck, and there were even traces of the orange muck there the next morning after brushing my teeth, washing my face and trying to remove it with micellar water. This stuff is repugnant. Although maybe the other shades may be better, but avoid this orange gooped up gunk in this colour, at all costs, unless you like the ‘I’ve Never Heard of Pearl Drops’ look in your life.
Make Up Revolution ‘Depraved’ – Dermacol ‘Shade 06’ – Revlon Colourburst ‘240’ – Maybelline 24 Bold Matte ‘815’