Productive Space

Sometimes, to run a blog, it can be quite a struggle. When you work full time and attempt to have a social life, your blog does tend to take the back burner from time to time in place of other things. Last week I had a little trip away to Scarborough, where I stopped at the beautiful Ox Pasture Hall. During the days I was away I literally had no phone signal or 3G connection. You could get on to WiFi in the public area’s of the hotel but apart from that, it was a lovely cut off from the constant checking of emails and Twitter. Now I’m back in the land of the living, it seems I have spent a large portion of my time just procrastinating instead of sitting down and writing anything. I’m not the type of person who would sit here and force myself to make words appear. I suppose sometimes it would help if I had a real office type space where I could sit down and concentrate. I tend to do my blogging when I’m sat in bed with my iPad on one side (currently watching Ugly Betty on Netflix FYI) and my phone distracting me on the other. Browsing office furniture on David Phillips Furniture just gave me a bit of envy towards those who do have a professional little area at home to sit down and work. Thankfully my Fujifilm X10 camera means I have to do minimal editing to images before I use them on my blog, and I can’t really fault it. It has a range of settings which make it really effortless to take a ‘good’ image in one shot, then I just upload them to my Chromebook and go. 
So my aim for this week is to try and set up some kind of place in my flat where I can just sit down and type. I’ve spent this evening rearranging furniture, and might actually manage to clear a surface to pop my Chromebook on at some point. Now I’m just going to flick through the pictures of all the wonderful food I took last week and get some kind of blog schedule on the go! Wish me luck!