WTF Topshop: The ‘I Can’t Even….’ Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve done a WTF Topshop post (view past ones here) as, to be honest, I’ve been avoiding even looking at their website. Every time I do it just frustrates me that people spend good money on things I can’t even look at without getting a migraine. Alas, it’s a slow week so far (I know, its only Monday) and my fingers just got that itch to catch up with the latest ‘fashion’ available on the high street. With London Fashion Week currently being hot topic on social media, I thought I’d check out what’s *in* at the moment to see if I can become a fashionista myself… But no. No I can not. You don’t need to go too far in to the ‘new in’ section on the website to come across the monstrosities which await you in the world of Topshop. All these items were found within the first 4 pages, and after I’d seen these, I’d seen enough for one day. In fact, I’m not even going to provide links for them because I simply can’t go back to that URL. 
Let’s just point out the elephant in the room to start with… Or the velvet muck toned puffa jacket in the centre. It’s £470… FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ENGLISH POUNDS. I can only imagine that they’ve hired Jimmy Carr in the pricing department to come up with this mind boggling sum as a joke, and to be fair it’d probably be his best joke to date. The grey leather culottes are something not even the cast of Oliver would want, even though they’d be practical for cleaning those chimneys and that fluffy pink and blue gilet thing is beyond repugnant. The shoes wouldn’t be bad if they just didn’t exist and I can’t even work out what the thing on the far right is. But it’s £195. I think it might be for people who are anxious they have small shoulders but shoulder pads would be a step too far compared to this. Which proves these people are nuts. 
Have you seen anything else to out do this load of shit on the Topshop website? Do share. Or maybe don’t. I’m not sure my eyes can take the WTF factor.