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Outfit of the day featuring Primark, H&M and New Look on Hello Terri Lowe, British Fashion blog.

Lately I have developed a distinct obsession with black clothing. It seems like every time I go in to H&M I cannot leave without picking up an abundance of new black garments, I couldn't even leave without my new black sequin skeleton dress this weekend either. It's becoming a problem. But only for my bank account. Black is always a colour I steer clear of for two reasons: 

1. It's really hard to find specific black garments when you need them in your drawers/wardrobe. 
2. It attracts cat hairs like nobodies business. 

Alas, I have prepared myself with lint rollers galore, and actually started to organise my clothing storage so I can actually find things I'm after when I'm looking for them! How do goths cope, eh? The other weekend when me and Tereza from Cityscape Bliss went to the Autumn Winter Fashion Weekend at Merryhill Shopping Centre we had a mini 'photo shoot' on the rather urban car park near her apartment. You can see her fabulously fashionable outfit post where I played David Bailey for half an hour over on her blog here.

I've had the little waterfall front faux leather gilet for over a year now, and when I bought it I was in two minds because it just didn't seem very 'me'. I've worn it such an unexpected amount though since purchasing it from New Look all those many moons ago. Of course, they don't have it in stock any more, but they do still have the leather look waterfall jacket in stock here, which is what I almost bought instead of this little number. I thought the gilet would be more versatile though, as I can layer it over jackets to make it a 'full jacket' with the same waterfall detail on the front anyway. It's also great for going under coats and the like too as the cotton contrast draping detail on the front make you that little bit more snug in colder weather. The black jumper dress I'm wearing is also something I bought which isn't my usual style, but there was just something about how weird the style was that appealed to me. It's from H&M (which, as I've mentioned, I am nuts for at the moment, rarely leaving empty handed!) and was a mere £14.99. Still available online, it's really hard to communicate across the strange yet wonderful design of it. The hood on the back is complimented by a drapey neckline on the front and it's the perfect length and style for just throwing on either casually in the day or whipping off the tights and popping on some heels for a winter evening out. 

The 'pièce de résistance' of my entire outfit though, is these beautiful grey Chelsea boots from Primark. £15. Wide fit. Comfortable. Cute - Four selling points which make me happy each time I wear them. They were sold out of my size when I spotted them in store, but I just couldn't risk waiting to see if they got my size back in stock. So I sized up and went for a size 6 instead of 5. They still fit absolutely fine and now they're a size bigger I have to option of getting all snazzy with some fancy socks too. I only saw them in the grey colour in my local Primark, but you can also get the black version of these chunky Chelsea boots too. Justifying the chelsea boots purchase with the fact I was taking £18 worth of stuff back, so they were technically *free* right? I think I just need to stay out of both H&M and Primark's shoe section over the next few months, as I just can't resist buying EVERYTHING every time I go in. I've had such a lengthy phase of not being able to find anything I've liked in shops, but it seems that has now completely changed.

Outfit of the day featuring Primark, H&M and New Look on Hello Terri Lowe, British Fashion blog.Outfit of the day featuring Primark, H&M and New Look on Hello Terri Lowe, British Fashion blog.
Outfit of the day featuring Primark, H&M and New Look on Hello Terri Lowe, British Fashion blog.

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  1. I have New Look's current waterfall one, and I wear it to death! :D

    1. I might actually take the plunge. It is lovely!

  2. Primark drives me crazy however I'm going in to look for those Boots! You look really nice Terri :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. Thanks Amy! The boots are definitely worth a primark trip for alone!

  3. The swankiest outfit ever, Lowe getting into the swing of fashion ay! Also that's one sexy handbag you've got there!! WINK WINK.

    1. Hahaha swanky, aka borrrinnggg, but I do love just wearing exclusively black nowadays hehehe.


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