Combating The Cold and The Old

Maybe that title isn’t the best one for this blog post? But alas, today we have two pretty fantastic products to help combat not only the ageing on your face, but also combat the horrid dryness that this cold weather causes on your skin. Not only are they both packaged in extremely lovely design, but both products contain a plethora of natural ingredients to keep your skin smiling. Suffering from contact dermatitis on my hands (from being a bit silly at university and not protecting them properly when messing with chemicals and the like!) I often find that the cold weather flairs this up. I’ve managed to control the dermatitis with the aid of the amazing Salcura products I tried I while ago, which you can see here. Since then, I haven’t had anywhere near as much soreness or big dry patches like I used to, however, the dry skin has remained at bay due to the weather being pretty nice since I used it! 
With the Human+Kind Hand Elbow and Foot cream, I have ensured that my hands are ultra moisturised and protected, to stop any niggling sore, dry patches developing. I’ve not even had an inclining of dryness, and using this alone for the past month or so has my my hands so smooth and soft. Whether or not the dermatitis would have returned without the use of this, I couldn’t speculate, but I believe it would have returned as I’m always going to be prone to it now. As they say though, it’s better safe than sorry and I’ve learnt my lesson from neglecting skincare for it in the past!  The formula itself doesn’t feel as rich as many intensive moistursing hand creams, but it certainly does deliver all the benefits of one, without feeling heavy or greasy on the skin. It absorbs quickly and has a nice herby, earthy scent. The key ingredients in the Human and Kind hand cream are Avocado Oil, Cocoa butter and Centella, which are all known for their hydrating and renewing benefits.
I’ve been using the Human + Kind All In One Anti Aging cream religiously since being sent it, as I’ve been ever so paranoid about my under eye circles and forehead wrinkles lately! I was after an eye cream for a while, but there’s just something that puts me off spending such a large amount on such a little pot. For just shy of £25. This all in one face cream solves that issue though, as you don’t need to buy separate moisturisers, wrinkle creams and eye creams, as this does it all! The Key-ingredient is organic Achmella Oleracea, which is also known as ‘Natures Botox’ – but without the toxic effects. Your skin starts to feel a little more plump after around a week of use, and due to the light texture it hasn’t broken me out in spots or feel heavy or greasy on the skin. I’ve noticed the dark circles under my eyes don’t appear to be quite as dark, but admittedly not many products seem to work on me to get rid of that completely! 
Human+Kind products are natural, paraben and mineral oil free, multi tasking AND come in mega cute packaging to boot! If you’re a fan of natural and organic products, take a little gander at the Big Green Smile website.