Hello Autumn!! With Essence

Essence Hello Autumn Limited Edition Trends collection on Hello Terri Lowe, British Beauty Blog.

When I had a QUICK look at the Essence Make Up Stand in the Arndale Centre this weekend I had NO intention of buying anything new. I already have a massive back stock of Essence products from their killer blogger event a few months back. When I was browsing though, I was caught OFF GUARD by their new Essence Hello Autumn range. Good GOD is this stuff BEAUTIFUL. 
If you’ve not heard about Essence Make Up yet – Where have you been?! They’ve been Barry Big Time’s of the Make Up World over in Europe for many years and recently launched in the UK. You can find their standard make up lines in your local Wilkinson Store, but I have only been able to behold the beautiful wonders of their limited edition ranges on their lovely little stand in Manchester. So as for availability of this lot to buy in your local town? I’m sorry I cannot help, I can only brag about what I have bought! Sorry (not sorry).
SO, as you can see, this little lot is an autumnal inspired range of brown based hues and warm glows. It’s all totally up my street. Each product makes me want to throw on a mustard yellow jumper and burgundy bobble hat and KICK A LOAD OF LEAVES. Some leaves I don’t want to kick though are the ones imprinted in this Essence Multi Colour Powder in shade name ‘Autumn & The City’. This is a multi tonal powder which combines 4 different shades of browns and creams to create a lovely warm, dewy finish to your skin. It’s pretty much the Autumn version of my all time favourite Essence product which is the Sun Club Bronzer. I literally just dust these all over my face by using a large, soft kabuki brush to add a light, subtle shimmer effect. For £3.29 I’m definitely going to head back and get a few more whilst they’re still for sale! The second product for my cheeky cheeks which I picked up was the Hello Autumn Colour Adapting Powder Blush. I only bought this out of intrigue really. I think it was about £2 and in the pan it’s LOOKS like a highlighting product – very pale with a subtle shimmer running though, but when you apply it, after a few seconds it turns a pink shade which adapts to your own skin tone. It comes in two shades, ‘beautiFALL red’ and ‘keep calm & go for a walk’, I picked up what appeared to be the lightest of the two which was ‘keep calm & go for a walk’. As much as I LOVE the concept of the product, it seems I do not suit pink cheeks one bit. I also found that no matter how little I apply, I always end up with a REALLY pink finish!  It says it’s a natural pink glow, but it’s the opposite of natural on me. It’s a good product to try though if you’re always eyeing up the Bourjois Blush Exclusif but don’t fancy the price tag!

Essence Hello Autumn Limited Edition Trends collection on Hello Terri Lowe, British Beauty Blog.
I’d been after a new eyebrow kit for a few weeks, as my trusty and affordable W7 one was running low, so as soon as I spotted that Essence were doing a Limited Edition one in their Hello Autumn range it just made sense to buy it.  I think the shades are a little ashy for my hair colour and skin tone, but it’s a nice little set to throw in your make up bag for taking out and about. Once again, it was about £2 so brilliant for eyebrow filling newbies and as a cheap alternative to take out and about with you. 
I’ve been wearing the Essence Hello Autumn Lip Cream in BeautiFALL Red ever since I got home from buying it! It’s a good one for people who like the appearance of products such as MUA Lip Velvets and the like, but don’t like the full matte effect and how tight they seem to make your lips feel. This is an opaque, slightly brown toned red lip cream which has a lovely fruity smell too. I also find that when it wears off it does so in a more even way than the full matte lip creams do; as I always find they wear off really quickly on me in the centre of my lips and leave the outsides still fully coloured! And finally, the last product I purchased from the Limited Edition Hello Fall collection was Keep Calm & Go For A Walk from the Thermo Nail Polish range. I was so tempted to go for the green shade, but when I look at my nail varnish collection it seems that green dominates it! So I went or something a little different for me, which was this nude shade. When you’re warm, the colour is a nice orange toned pinkish shade. When you go colder the colour gets darker and turns in to a brown toned pink and both are really nice colours in their own right! It was only £1.99, so I think when I go back to Manchester I will actually treat myself to the green one, as the more I think about it the more I want it!
Considering only one thing I bought cost more than £2, I’m SO pleased with the Hello Autumn range from Essence. They also had a ridiculously amazing looking Oktoberfest collection (which I found on this blog, if you’re interested) alongside a Mermaid-esque range too (which I forgot the name of so can’t show you online, whoops). I’ve used all the products mentioned in the ‘action shot’ above, I really do love the shade of that lip cream!
Essence do list their ‘Trend Editions’ over on this link, but I can’t tell you about the availability in the UK I’m afraid, as it seems quite hit and miss as to what we get over here. I also don’t think that the Limited Edition Essence products are available on all of the regular stands you find in Wilkinson, (although people have said they’ve seen this range) which is a massive shame!