Home Is Where The Cat Is

I’ve been so busy over the last few months that I seem to be missing out on blogging events left, right and centre! I was absolutely gutted to not be able to make the Ladbrokes St Leger Race Ladies Day the other week! Reading their blog post about the day really made me envious of that amazing looking food too!! The lovely Ladbrokes were kind enough to send me a little goodie bag from the day though, so I didn’t miss out too much! The bag included a few treats, including a cute little lucky charm bracelet, some liver detox tea (which I assume the attendee’s needed after a day drinking at the races!) and this cute little speech bubble chalk board, which has come in very handy to remember daily things I forget on. Don’t worry, Kitty does have enough cat food to last her until I head to the shops. 
Speaking of Kitty, she’s very happy with her new little Strawberry igloo bed from eBay. When I first got it out of the packaging I wasn’t sure if she’d actually go in it, but I think the darker and colder nights drawing in and my refusal to turn my storage heaters back on has forced her in for warmth! Although she is a bit of a ‘cave cat’ and has always like sneaking in to the smallest spaces possible anyway. Once when she was a kitten I thought I’d lost her, only to find to sprawled out flat underneath a cushion on the sofa, she still likes snuggling under a blanket from time to time too. 
Now the weather is finally a little bit cooler I’m also relieved I can finally crack out my vast array of candles! I picked up the cute little white lantern from Ikea for only £2, and I really wish I’d bought more. They had a few different colours, including black ones which would be perfect for Halloween with a tea light in, but alas I just stuck to the one white one. I love the vanilla ice cream scented candles from Ikea. The vanilla ones always seem to have the strongest scent and when I buy the tealights I pop a few in to my drawers to make my clothes a slight vanilla scent too!