Halloween Make Up On A Budget

My *real* camera is broken at the moment due to a very naughty kitty cat knocking it off the window sill on to the floor. I am very sad about this, so for the foreseeable future we will have to make do with phone camera pictures here on the bloggy blog blog. Although, to be fair, my phone camera is doing quite a good job of showing this Make Up Revolution eyeshadow palette 'Give Them Nightmares' in all it's gothy glory but unfortunately it's not great at close up shots. I did try and take some 'swatch' pictures of the eye shadow and lipstick, but they just ended up fuzzy little messes. But alas, you get the idea. 

Lately I have been a sucker for anything black and moody. With Halloween imminent it couldn't have chosen a better time to get my goth on. The only trouble with Halloween make up can be that you're spending money on something that is more of a novelty than a wearable array of shades. WELL, I think this is where this £6 eyeshadow set steps away from the novelty make up crowd. With a range of deep shades in greens, greys and purples, this is the perfect palette for either wearing as a dramatically bold eyeshadow look, or using lightly to add definition to every day. My favourite shade in the palette is the deep black shimmer one named 'Beyond The Night'. This actually applies almost opaque, even when used alone with no primer. It has a delicate glitter effect, which looks incredible in real life. Although you can't actually see it on these silly images. Grr.

I picked up the 'vamp shade' of Make Up Revolution lipstick 'Rebel With A Cause' as an impulse buy the other day. After the failure which was 'Depraved' I opted for a much more berry toned shade, so you know, I didn't actually look deceased (although it might be worth cracking that one out again on October 31st). For just £1 you really can't go wrong. It's a deep red shade with a blue toned shimmer running through. The shimmer is very subtle and doesn't transfer to your lips too much, but adds a lovely sheen to your smile. I've been wearing this daily, but just blotting a dab on and rubbing it in a little more so it stains my lips. 

So if you're looking for Halloween make up on a budget, this duo is a good investment. Not just for fancy dress, but for like, every day afterwards too!

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    1. Thanks!! I dunno why I'm moaning, they're better than a lot on old blog posts with a real camera haha!

  2. Those colours are lovely and different - it's always nice to see something that's different from the norm but also not too "Halloween cheese"

    Emma | frillsanddoodads.com

    1. Exactly, it's a good price for something which can be used again and again!

  3. That palette does look beautiful and they're the sort of shades I love. I just wish my application skills were good enough to be able to use colours like that without my face looking like I've let a 5 year old colour it in!

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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