Mini Bargain Beauty Reviews

Before my camera was murdered in cold blood by the cat, I did manage to get this sneaky snap of some new beauty products I picked up at Superdrug last weekend. This little haul came to the grand total of £9.99, as I managed to find the reduced stand tucked away at the back of the store! Now, I know some people are probably put off routing on these stands when it comes to make up products – especially lipsticks and the like, as y’know, the seal has been broken and you never quite know what’s been on the applicator. But hey, when you’re paying £2 for a £9 product I can live on the edge a little, and let’s not forget that it strengthens your immune system being exposed to germs eh? OK, maybe not. Just don’t burst my bubble here. Alas, 4 products for under a tenner calls for a few mini beauty reviews doesn’t it? And also the fact I can’t take pictures of ‘swatches’ anyway because my phone camera is rubbish at close up shots and showing true colours on the skin, bahhhh.
Bourjois Happy Light Primer: I’ve not really been *in to* Bourjois products since I realised their foundations are just all wrong for me. Whenever I used to use them I loved the formula a LOT, but the colours always make me look washed out and pale. So that’s why, when they release the ‘Happy Light’ range, I never really paid any attention. You can get it from Boots here and the current retail price is £10.99!! This was reduced to £2.50 because the lid was missing. I’ve been using it for a few days now and have to say, I REALLY like it. It seems to make foundation ‘stick’ a bit more when applying it, and gives a nice even finish. I’m not sure if I like it £10.99’s worth, but for the price I paid I’m really happy. It’s great for dryer skin as well, as it’s light texture still allows your skin to breath whilst also moisturising slightly. I feel silly for avoiding Bourjois for so long now, based on just judging their foundations, as I also  got their Healthy Mix Concealer a few weeks ago (for a £1 reduced in a local chemist!) and it’s wonderful for making your under eye area soft whilst keeping the dark circles covered.
L’oreal True Match Foundation: Once again, another product reduced to £2.50 – Just because the lid was missing! Both this and the primer were pretty much full when I bought them. This one comes in a £1 cheaper than the primer when full price and will set your back £9.99. Although the shade ‘Golden Ivory’ seems a little too pasty when I first apply it, the True Match formula seems to adapt really well to my skin tone, especially when all my other make up is applied. It’s great for every day wear to work, as it’s not a heavy, thick consistency, but covers all my spots and blemishes a reasonable amount. I don’t *think* I would repurchase this, simply because I always like switching my bases up and never seem to stick to the same one! But it’s definitely worth a whirl if you spot it on offer.
Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain: Oh my fudging God, I have never disliked a lip product more than I dislike this. WHY IS IT SO WET AND GROSS?? Alright, the seal was broken, so maybe that’s in the back of my head, and the weather is a little chilly, but this just feels absolutely disgusting to apply. WHY DO PEOPLE LOVE THIS?? Not only is it wetter than when a rogue Bullmastiff dog licks the crumbs off your face, but the colour is wank too. In the packaging it looks a lovely vibrant pink shade. When you apply it, it looks like a greasy, wet light pink load of wank which doesn’t even stain your lips and rubs off after about an hour. I thought maybe it was just this one off tampered with one which was wank, but no, I’ve swatched the ones on the shelf since and they’re wank too. Yes, I’m using wank a lot, it’s a wank wet lip product and I do not like it one bit. For £2 I won’t grumble too much. But I also won’t write about more about it. It’s just horrid. 
Naturally Radiant Glycolic Over Night Peel: I eyed this up the other week and decided not to part money with it because I have my beloved Nip and Fad Glycolic Fix pads, but it was on half price offer for £2.99 so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Whilst it’s not as wank as the aforementioned lip product, it’s still not up there on the ‘brilliant buys’ scale. A little blob goes a long way – which is nice, but the results are pretty poor. I have a few dry patches from using it and also those tiny little spots which happen when your skin is too dry. I’m putting it down to this, because as soon as I used the Nip and Fab pads again my skin was lovely as can be! So really, I’m not sure why this doesn’t work very well, but it just doesn’t. Sorry about that. Out of all the glycolic acid based products I’ve tried, this is definitely the worst.