Sweaty Betty

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant review
Apologies for the abundance of beauty blog posts this week, I do try and steer my blog in a different direction of late, but I just wanted to share this little underarm miracle with y’all. It seems that over the past few weeks the hot weather and my armpits just haven’t mixed well and each day I’ve found myself with more underarm moistness than you could shake a stick at. It seems my safety deodorant of Mitchum was failing me, I’m not sure if they’ve changed the formula or my body has changed my life, but it just doesn’t work any more. Whilst tweeting about my sweat glands over on Twitter, a lovely lass named Hollie-Jay recommended the Sure Maximum Protection deodorant to me. Seriously, I’ve never encountered someone with such a love of a single deodorant, so with a glowing recommendation, wet pits and dwindling hopes of underarm freshness, I went straight to the shops and picked some up. I always look at this, but I’m put off by the price (around £5) and the fact it’s a roll on… Well not a roll on… A stick. But a stick that is like cream, and squishes through the holes and you rub it on your pits. 
I chose the green one, which is the fragrance of ‘everyday fresh’. I always seem to find myself picking the green option when it comes to deodorants. I love fresh smells like cucumber, melon and even that green tea one which another brand of deodorant I forgot the name of do, and because you couldn’t sniff before you splurged I knew the green one would be the safest option. I immediately cracked it out of the box when I got home and gotta rubbin’ on me underarms. The first thing I was impressed with, was how it didn’t feel wet upon application. The main thing which I hate about non-spray deodorants is how they make your arm pits feel really wet on application and you have to wait for them to dry. Not with the Sure Maximum Protection deodorant though! It’s almost like a dry cream formula and the applicator ensures an even distribution over your under arm area. 
But does it stand the sweat test?
Well, yes, for normal people it would. I’ve always been a ‘warm’ person (not in the heart, my heart is cold, ice cold), but once I went to the pharmacist with a burn on my hand and they thought I was infected because my hand was really hot – but it turned out my other hand was really hot too, and I’m generally a hot person (I know, right? Just telling you what you already know). But yes, I always put my clammy palms and down to my general warmth, so I do think my sweat glands are slightly more over active than the average bear. Alas, the Sure Maximum Protection does keep me considerably drier than any other deodorant I have ever tried. Although one pit does decide to rear it’s sweaty head towards the end of the day when the central heating is on at work, I am finding a big improvement and have now changed my opinion completely on this type of applicator for my under arms. Hurrah. But it’s worth bearing in mind that nothing is ever going to completely stop you sweating and you shouldn’t want it to either. It’s your bodies natural way to cool down, so don’t mess too much with nature, yo!
Conclusion: Worth a punt if you’re a sweaty…. (I won’t put that bad word)