Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Tea

Clipper Snore and Peace Tea and Camila Prada Super Hapee Mug!

I am very enthusiastic about coffee. I always get a bit ragey without my morning fix from my Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine, and definitely only tend to buy teas when I notice their cute packaging on the way past in the supermarket. I have such a large selection of flavoured tea bags in all kinds of flavour combinations, but after I’ve had 2 or 3 cups I always revert back to the coffee. When I picked up the Clipper Snore & Peace tea in Sainsbo’s the other day, it was once again, one of those tea purchases which was based solely on the packaging alone. I mean, SNORE and PEACE, that’s a play on words that catches my eye and even made me do a tiny little ‘lol’ in the aisle (it was a long day, ok?).
Organic Chamomile, lemon balm and lavender makes Clipper Snore & Peace a tranquil taste sensation. I always assume that products like this, which are marketed to aid sleep, are more of a placebo/gimmick than anything else. But after the first cup of this in my oh-so-cute Camila Prada Supa Hapee Cup, I was out for the count! As soon as I finished the last drop I turned Sons of Anarchy off on my iPad and was snoring within seconds. The next morning I woke up so refreshed and like I’d had the best sleep in the world, ever. It was all very strange. It may have been a placebo effect, or it may have been magic. All I know is that I’d been treating myself to a cup of this every evening and sleeping so well ever since. Of course, in the morning I still reach for the coffee, but the delicate flavours of this relaxing brew really are a brilliant contrast for relaxation before sleepy time. 
Not only is this night time tea perfect for helping me to get asleep, but they’re also pretty good with regards to the cat. ‘THE CAT?!’ I hear you exclaim from behind your monitor (or mobile device on which you may be reading this blog post)… Yup, the cat. Kitty has a tendency to be a bit wild during the midnight hours and is constantly jumping around, meowing and attacking feet. Not only does this help me to sleep through her crazy kipper antics, but she also goes insane for the smell of these things?! It’s like some kind of cat-crack to her and as soon as she catches a whiff her eyes dilate, she starts purring like a manic and gets completely weird. In a good way though. Not all cats I know (yeah, I know a few cats, and what?) have reacted in this way to these tea bags, but apparently some cats do react like this to chamomile tea. Be VERY careful though, as chamomile itself is toxic to cats and dogs, so if you do let you cat have a play make sure it’s concealed within something like an old sock, which they can’t chew through to actually consumer the concoction! According to this website, it’s not all bad though, as a small amount brewed in a tea can help calm your kitties tummy or calm it’s nerves. Phew.

If you LOVE Camila Prada ceramics as much as I do, then do check out her amazing range over on her website. She’s a local ceramic artist from Stoke on Trent, and I love her work and brand ethos on SO many levels. And not *just* because she has a little piece dedicated to me! I received this Supa Hapee mug as a gift last year, and you may recognise the custom quote inside from Anchorman! I can be known as a bit of an emotional cry baby in real life, so it’s definitely very apt and up there with my favourite mug in my impressive drinking vessel collection!