Warm Cinnamon Nights

warm cinnamon night, treacle moon shower gel blog review
I have no idea why I wandered in to the toiletries section when I nipped to Tesco the other day for my lunch. I only went in for sushi, honest. Somehow I ended up browsing all the lovely smelling shower gels which I do not need and noticed that all the Treacle Moon bath and shower gels were on offer for £1.99. For a 500ml bottle of shower gel, that’s a pretty reasonable price and because I seem to have a thing for having a billion bottles open at one time, I thought I would add their latest scent to my bathroom. I’ve had a few Treacle Moon shower gels before, with my favourite one from the collection being ‘One Ginger Morning‘. One Ginger Morning is a delectable ginger scent which is perfect for waking you up in your morning shower with a cute little blurb to read on the front. Each scent has it’s own little story on and I always am a sucker for a product with a good narrative. 
It did take me almost my entire lunch break to sniff each and every scent they had on offer. From their sweet shop inspired collection (marsh mallow hearts is the ONE) to their Chocolate cream shower gel and I was event tempted by the Treacle Moon Warm Apple Pie bath and shower gel, despite really not being keen on apple scented products usually! Alas I settled for their special edition Warm Cinnamon Nights as it’s the time of year for cinnamon scents isn’t it? This special edition bath and shower gel is a slightly spiced scent yet with a little bit of a sweet orange  and floral undertone. Which is very nice, as I often find cinnamon scented things can make me sneeze if too overpowering. I’ve found that all of the Treacle Moon shower gels I’ve tried to have a scent which lingers for a day after you’ve cleaned yourself, which is always a brucey bonus as I find it’s rare that a shower gel does that on me! 
So if you’re after a lovely scent for the season to spice up your shower, nip in to Tesco where Treacle Moon products are stocked.