A Lifetime of Luck

Sometimes it can feel like you’re the most unlucky person in the world, and at other times it feels like the luck clouds are raining down on you in some kind of torrential storm. Lately I’ve felt very, very lucky. With my trip to Belfast and all the fun things I’ve been up to and people I know. But in equal measures I’ve also had a distinct dose of bad luck it seems, which make me really sad inside. I was sent this lovely silver bangle bracelet from Tales From The Earth the other day it and feels like it’s come at a very apt time. Just when I could do with a little bit of luck.
The ‘Lifetime of Luck’ bracelet is a solid, shiny bangle style, which comes in a delicately packed box. Containing a silky pouch, note card and bracelet itself, it’s the perfect little gift. The message is embossed on the inside, which I love as I usually hate anything with a quote or logo on it! Even though the bangle is a solid round, it is easily slipped on and off and doesn’t dangle around too much when on (which I often find bangles to do, so usually avoid them). You don’t have to worry about fitting as it’s a ‘one size fits all’ design, which would suit most people. With a few secret messages to choose from, they’re the perfect Christmas Gift either for someone else, or yourself.
You can browse the collection of message bangles from Tales From the Earth online here.