The Healthy(ish) Hot Chocolate Alternative

Alpro Hazelnut Original and Matcha Green Tea hot chocolate on british food blog.

I dunno about you, but there's nothing worse than 'low fat' and 'low calorie' hot chocolates. They're almost as pointless as low fat cottage cheese, which endlessly riles me in the supermarket. Cottage cheese is low fat enough without making it taste absolutely awful and whacking a label on it. Blergh. ANYWAY. I came across this alternative version of hot chocolate by accident, that just so happens to be a little more calorie friendly than your standard Starbucks ho-cho, and tastes pretty damn fine too! Hot chocolate is a little luxury indulgence to me, it's not something I drink every day and it's more of a once a week kinda thing when the weather is cold. Not because I cherish it SO much I restrict myself, but just because I really have to be in the mood for such a treat. 

I got this Prestat Matcha Green Tea Hot Chocolate from TK Maxx last year, I don't even know if it's still in date as I couldn't see it on the box and I don't like to live by the rules anyway. I really fancied a cup, but had run out of milk (I'm one of those people who rarely has milk in the fridge by the way, so don't ever come round expecting a cup of tea). I did however, have a nice carton of Alpro Hazelnut Original in the fridge waiting to be made in to some over night oats, which was screaming out to be microwaved instead on this occasion. A quick zap for two minutes, then stirring the matcha green tea hot chocolate in, created a lovely creamy hot chocolate. I did instagram a picture and it didn't look very appetising, but I can assure you, the taste was amazing.

So, what makes it 'healthier' than regular hot chocolate?

WELL, Alpro Hazelnut Original is only 29 calories per 100ml versus 50 calories of semi skimmed milk or 70 calories of whole milk. I'm not in to calorie counting, but for a drink which tastes more refreshing and nutty than regular dairy cows milk, I'm sold.

Matcha green tea (although I'm not sure actually how much is in this hot chocolate) is a brilliant source of antioxidants, which gives you a good enough excuse as any to treat yourself to this winter warming drink.

Alpro Hazelnut Original and Matcha Green Tea hot chocolate on british food blog.

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