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Carex Fun Edition Handwash Bubble Gum Review on Hello Terri Lowe British Beauty Blog.

Cussons Carex Complete Bubble Gum handwash is a scent that you need on your hands. Right now. I always eye up the Carex 'Fun Edition' hand washes, but talk myself out of it in case it flares up my dermatitis. It was on offer for 90p in Asda though and I couldn't resist. Luckily, as of yet, there has been no reactions on my skin and it's been happily sitting in my bathroom awaiting use upon every visit. It. Smells. Amazing. Just like those blue and pink fizzy bottle sweets you used to get from the 'icky' man (read: ice cream man) when you were a kid. The scent seems to actually last a little while afterwards too, which is pretty nice to catch a quick whiff off occasionally as a brucey bonus to your general life.

The Carex Fun Editions come in a range of scents. Bubble gum, cola bottles, strawberry laces and even chocolate orange. Although I do tend to steer clear of mentioning Chocolate Oranges in general, as it brings back memories of being a kid and other kids shouting 'IT'S NOT TERRI'S IT'S MINE' at me (as inspired by the Terry's Chocolate Orange adverts, in case you don't know the reference!). Alas, each scent smells just like it claims, because yes, I am that person that spends 15 minutes of my ligh smelling each product on the supermarket shelf, smelling them again, then deciding which one to go with.

Because this handwash is actually quite gentle, despite the obviously very artificial scents, and hasn't broken my skin out in any red sore patches I'm going to stock up whilst it's on offer. I'm assuming because it's aimed at children the formula doesn't contain as many harsh chemicals as it probably could. It also doesn't seem to foam up like you'd expect from a hand wash, so that may be why I've not had a reaction. The cola bottles hand wash smells divine, and they do seems to be keeping my skin quite soft as well. Previously I was using a solid soap from the Body Shop. So y'know, a handwashing change is as good as a rest (or something like that....)

Carex Fun Edition Handwash Bubble Gum Review on Hello Terri Lowe British Beauty Blog.

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  1. I bought this as soon as I saw it! I agree - it smells AH-MAZING!!

    Laura | http://www.laurasallmadeup.com/

    1. The only trouble is that it really makes me want to eat sweets too!

  2. I have the strawberry laces and cola bottles on the go constantly!


    Em's Mixed Bag.....

    1. I'm so gonna buy the rest whilst they're still on offer!

  3. I got the cola bottles one at the weekend after spotting and sniffing them in wilkos!


Thanks for the comment!

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